Windows 10 Problems and Solutions list [2020]

Are you windows user and you face a lots of small problem in your laptop or computer and you doesn’t not a idea to how to solve it. So here in tutorial i will share a step which will help you to solve windows 10 troubleshooter. In windows some common problem are windows 10 update assistant, windows explorer keeps crashing, windows 10 not booting after update, Microsoft windows not responding and many others. If you see while it release date of Microsoft windows 10 update problems create most of the user. 

If you see below i will share the every step of the problem which you correct it by follow the step in your device. After the latest version comes in the market or its launch of windows 10 this problem will starting at most of the user. This problem is faced on others windows version like 7 or 8 but windows 10 mostly.

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Not Upgrade to the Windows 10

windows 10 troubleshooter

If you are facing problem in windows 10 update while you follow all the step in your computer or laptop. So here i will share a tricks related to this which will help you to do upgrade with easy step.

  1. Firstly check your internet is working properly in your device or not. You can also install the DU Meter which help you to no your internet is running or not and what speed will giving for downloading and uploading through WiFi which was connected to your device.
  2. After that if they working you can go to the Troubleshoot computer problems in the control panel. Then you will go to system and security option where you will see a fix problems with windows update click on them. It will start checking what was the problem, After knowing fix them and then again update the windows 10 it may be start.

Draining Battery Too Quickly  windows 10 update assistant

While After updating the Windows 10 it may be chance of battery draining will to fastly in your laptop. If you see many apps or software which we not use permanently but it running and drain your battery, It may be chance of harm your battery life.  So here i will share a step for those app which consuming more battery in your laptop so by follow it you can easily save your battery life for longer period of time.

  1. So click on the windows menu and type Cortana, If you will created an account then there will show a enable option. You will have to disable the option.
  2. The second thing you can do it is stop your automatically doing windows update. You can firstly go to your update and security option, then you will go to windows update option. finally select the advanced option to choose how to updates are delivered. You will have to select manually and switch off the automatically windows update.

Touchpad will not Working

windows explorer keeps crashing

Sometimes many people will do setting in their touchpad for adjusting their setting or when you not update your software the touchpad will not working properly. So if your keyboard is not working you may check that toggle off/on option in the setting or you can follow this step in the computer or laptop.

  1. In first method you can simply press the Shortcut key Win+I on your computer. Then you should tap on the mouse and touchpad option and select a additional mouse option. The new windows will open you have to select the device setting then tap on the device. Finally you will enable it if it was showing disable on the specific touchpad.
  2. The common issue is that mostly people will not update their touchpad software for a longtime. So simply you can check and update your touchpad by searching update driver software option in the windows menu. 

Disable Pop up Notification

windows 10 not booting after update

If you getting irritating for unwanted ads or notification on your screen when you doing work on your browser or computer. Sometimes it create problem when you doing important work on your computer. The question here arise that how will the adds come, So it will come when you open a unnecessary website in your browser or accept the add URL in your browser. So for removing that URL you need to follow some step or do some setting which help you not pop up notification in your device.

  • Firstly open your browser and then click the three horizontal dots which you can see on the right side top most corner.
  • Then tap the setting option to open, after that tap view advanced settings option in it.
  • Lastly you scroll down and you will see a option block pop-ups in the list. You should turn on and it will block all unwanted ads which  create problem for you.

Set data consumption or not waste excessive data

Microsoft windows not responding

If you notice sometime you connect WiFi through your computer or laptop and your data will ended. You will nothing anything download or installed it and you doesn’t find the reason why your data will be needed. So here i will share the reason why this will happen when you not set a metered connection in your device. so when you connect it automatically run inside software of  computer or downloaded anything which want upgraded. Sometimes unnecessary download will be happen that’s why no one find the reason why this happen. So set a meter connection and your problem will solve means whatever you download consume in browser or software downloading only that’s data will use.

  • So firstly search a setting in your windows menu and when it open then click on the Network and Internet option.
  • After that click WiFi  option and click the WiFi which you want to set a meterd connection. when it open scroll down you will see a meterd connection option tap to on that option. 

So guys these are some common problem which you faced in your computer or laptop, After follow this step of each solution you problem will be ended it on your device. I hope you will loved this post and share this post to others to solved other problem when this created on them.

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