Whatsapp Images not showing in gallery

As we know that whatsapp is most popular social platform for the user and day by day it will increasing more and more. But while using this social media in your daily life there should create a little bit problem for you. So here in this post you will know one of them common problem which will face most of user in whatsapp. Also know how to solve it when it create to you so keep read this post if you are interested to know that tricks in your whatsapp.

If you see many times android gallery not showing pictures of your whatsapp which was send by your friends and family. So here in post you will know what to do when your whatsapp  images not showing in gallery or image not found. In some mobile like Samsung gallery app there was an inbuilt features of hide all whatsapps photos or whatsapp images to not seen by others. Some times photos will be saved in the private folder so by exchange the place of files in android move download picture to gallery.

If you see various people search on google whatsapp related query which are like how to stop whatsapp images in gallery in android or where the whataspp saved images on android. But mostly website share a method of using third party app or another method which was not working for you. But all the method which i shared here will working for you and by follow all step you can easily solve your problem. The best part is all working whole time whenever you want to see whatsapp pictures in gallery.

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Switch off / on your mobile 

If your whats app photos will not show on the iPhone or android smartphone then you should restart your smartphone. Because sometimes some normal issue it create problem in your device, So by turn off/on your problem will be solved easily. It happen mostly when your run lots off apps and system got crashed or any viruses come into your phone then it will be happen to you.

Unhide your whatsapp images

In whats app if you see some smartphone have inbuilt feature of hide all photos and video which you can also do it manually and automatically. So here in this part you will know how to unhide your whats app images into your mobile gallery. So this method will need a file explorer app which will help your task easily on your mobile, so follow all step which i shared here below.

  • Firstly open your android device and then go to your file explorer app. If you doesn’t have a file explorer app in your device then go to your play store and download it.
  • After that search whats app in the file explorer and then click to open the whatsapp folder in your device.                                                                                                                   android gallery not showing pictures                   
  • After that you will see various folder appear on the screen, Then tap media folder to open it.                                                                                                                                                                                  whatsapp  images not showing in gallery 
  • After that another page will be open in them you will see various files will be there. Click on whatsapp images to open it in them you will see all photo of your whatsapp which come form the friends and family will be stored there.                                                                                                                                                             image not found  
  • After that in them you will see a private folder, you should simply click on them to open and copy all the photo which was saved in them.                                                                                                                              Samsung gallery app 
  • After that come outside the private folder and paste it in your whatsapp image or you can make a another folder then paste the all photo in them.                                                                                                                                               whatsapps photos 
  • Finally go to your photos and you will see all photo will be appear on them.

So guys these are step which will will help you see your photo which you cannot see on your smartphone gallery. These are happen very rarely to the user if these happen you to recover photo of whatsapp which will not seen in the gallery easily.

Clear cache whatsapp data in android

Sometimes some unnecessary data will be stored in your device which create problem to you. It names as cache data and for which you will not able to see your whatsapp photo in your mobile or smartphone gallery. So here you will need to clear all whatsapp cache data in your smartphone to easily see your whatsapp photos on your mobile.                  

whatsapp images

So you should simply open your settings and then you should search the manage apps option by scrolling down the screen. Then you will  search a whatsapp app and click on it to open, you will see at down side a clear data option will be given click to clear all data. While deleting all data you should not take to worry about that because it was not an important file which you will be deleted on your smart phone. It was unnecessary file which help when you doing task related to that file on your whatsapp. If delete it and again when you do same task it will be added again in your device.

Enable media visibility on whatsapp setting

As we know that in whatsapp there have a in built features of media visibility which help the user to hide the photo through setting in whatsapp. In some mobile it comes with automatically features where you have noting to do for your setting of media visibility. But in some mobile you should do it manually to hide your photo. If you see many people do enable media visibility is for not see other people your personal photo which was share by others to you. In this you will see enable media visibility by individual or by all contact to do process in your whatsapp which i shared it below.

Method 1= Media Visibility enable by individual

In this method you will know how to do enable media visibility to individual person. So while doing this you should select a individual person contact to do all process.

  • Firstly open your whatsapp and then open the selected contact. Press long on the name of that contact which you can see a top left corner.                              android move download picture to gallery 
  • After that a page will be open you will see a media visibility  open, You should tap on them to open it.                                                                                                                    google whatsapp 
  • Lastly select or tap on the default option and then tap OK and photo will be visible go back and you will see your old photo in whatsapp and your phone gallery.                                                                                          how to stop whatsapp images in gallery in android

Method 1= Media Visibility enable by all contact

In this method you will do enable media visibility to all contact as same place in your whatsapp. By this method you will not do repeated process by individual through setting, To do step in your device follow the step bellow.

  • Firstly open your whatsapp and then go to setting option by clicking on the three dot which you can see at right side top corner.
  • After that when you open setting there was option you can see, Tap on the chats option to open it.                                                                                                                      saved images on android 
  • Lastly you will see a another page open and then turn on the media visibility. Come back to whatsapp your all photo will stored in your gallery and now you can see it easily in your smartphone which you not seen in the gallery.                                                                                                  whatsapp pictures

Final Words

So guys these are the method which you can use it recover whatsapp photo which you can not see it on your gallery or somewhere another place. All the method will be working which you can used it on your android device to see easily on your gallery. If you see when you get confusion to what to do in the various method i will share a screenshot which help you to take idea what to do. So i hope you will loved it to use this tricks on your mobile to see all photo without using any third part apps.




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