How to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android

All apps use the memory to run it on the mobile, So when it was fulled it create issue to android device by when you start surfing browser, download some new apps or mobile hanging. We all know that there was two types of installed in the mobile first which we search from google playstore and installed it or remove it according to their necessities and the second one was preinstalled apps which was installed from the maker will they start manufacturing it. These type of apps will be not deleted from android mobile, So here in this article you can know that how to delete apps on android that came with phone or how to remove system apps without root by android disable app.

how to delete apps on android phone

Pre-Installed Apps

Pre-installed apps is already installed and licensed on a smartphone bought from an original equipment manufacturer. All the apps which are installed in the mobile in all of them some are company installed apps and some are sponsored app now the question come what about those apps which are preinstalled apps in your smartphone and in all of them some are not use full and it take much space and you have an issue how do i delete apps on my android phone. So i have doing some research i find a solution of your problem and now you can easily delete androids apps that came on phone or uninstall preinstalled apps android with the help of app which i am sharing below then keep reading this article.

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Lucky Patcher

If you mobile system memory is full you have worry that some unusefull apps will take space more and you want delete stock apps android mobile which was can be possible to delete it. So here lucky patcher app will solve your problem easily they can remove the apps by doing some simple step which was given below to delete or uninstalled it easily. Many people have issue that they saying memory full, Not installed some useful apps by unsufficient memory or more spaces needed to download big files apps. The lucky patcher have an advanced software which will help to uninstalled the apps and free some space and download the big file or important apps in the mobile. When we searching on google to some advice on the android mobile then 2 application which i used Lucky Patcher and Link2SD in my mobile it will not exactly run up to my mark because at starting it will running good but at last it start creating problem but as compare to Lucky Patcher it will works smoothly on mobile at starting to end. So guys i will guide you step by step to how to delete preinstalled apps with the help of lucky patcher.


How to Use Lucky Patcher

  • Firstly open your browser and search the Lucky Patcher or you can directly download it from the link which was given below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lucky Patcher
  • After that you should installed it on your mobile and if it was not installed it on your mobile then you should go to the setting and you will enable the unknown sources from the android device.                                                                                            how to uninstall preinstalled apps on android
  • After the embeling the Unknown source you might installed it taping it ok on the screen and wait for a minute to installed it on your android phone.
  • After that you should open your Lucky Patcher app, while opening it they ask for root permission, so you simply grant them root permission to this app.                                                                                                                       uninstall system apps android without root
  • After that you should choose the option uninstall apps and then you will load the app which you want to uninstalled it on your android phone which show on your mobile screen. Now simply click to remove the apps permanently.                                                                                                                                                                                      how to delete apps on android that came with phone
  • After that you should simply click on yes button and waits for few moments, it will easily uninstalled system apps android without root.                                                                                                                                                    how to delete preinstalled apps

Finally its all done now you can easily uninstalled the apps or delete application android by using this app. It was simplest way to do it on your mobile without searching or downloading the apps to uninstalled it. I have also provide a app downloaded link which will help to download the file easily and there was some step which you have follow. If you see there was various site which says that they can easily remove the preinsatalled app in the mobile but it can’t be happen because they didn’t apply it on your device. But here i am sharing this tricks to you by applying it firstly on me after that i will share to you.

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