UC Browser download stuck on Speeding in Android

As we know that UC Browser is the one of the most usable browser in the device because in this you will get various advanced features which you not get it from other browser. UC browser open those website which literally not accept it or open in their other browser. It not mean that it was not safe for them only reason is that some country doesn’t accept this site. For example in china for using Facebook their should be restriction but with the help of uc file manger you can use it. Also read Things to know about Dropbox in Desktop orWhat is the Best VPN to Use.

If you see same as here some movie downloaded site not accept to open and download in other browser but in UC Browser download video very easily. Many people have issue that they facing problem in retrying when they download video UC browser or uc video download. I have a solution of your problem keep read this full post and your problem will be solved.

Are you watching movie a lot and download it from the various sites with the help of using UC browser in your android device. But sometime some of the file create problem for you or facing retrying issue when downloading it. So don’t worry i have shared a tricks in this post which will very help to you whenever it create retrying problem in your android device. You can also know the retrying video how to download in UC Browser again.

Step to Recover 

The reason is to re download the file is sometime you have less mobile data and you download that file in to parts. So that time this will help you to do in your mobile and recover it by download the file from the same location from where they stop it. So make sure that follow the step all which i shared here below and if have any issue so you can get idea through screenshot which i shared it at every step.

  • Firstly go to your UC browser and click to open it and then you should open the download option.                                                                                         uc file manger  
  • After that select the resume file which you want to download it and click long press on the resume file. you will see various option will be appear on the screen click details option.                                                               UC Browser download                                      
  • After that you should see a page url option, on the right side there was an copy option click to copy it and save it in your mobile notepad.                                                                                                                  uc video download 
  • After that you should open your file explorer and then go to your UC Browser file and click to open it.
  • After that go to the downloaded option and scroll down you will see two file will be shown named as iso and cfg. You should have to select one by one both file to rename it.                                                                                    how to download in UC Browser 
  • After that click to rename option to do edit on the both file.                                            UC browser open  
  • While when you rename it make sure that not delete the full rename, only you will add something after that name for example i had added a 1 in rename at both the file which you can see it below.                                                                                                                                download video UC browser 
  • After that go to your UC browser and delete the resume file but while deleting you should not click the delete source file too option otherwise your saved data will also deleted.                                                             UC browser in your android device 
  • After that paste the copy link which you have been saved it already on the notepad and go to the download source site to download it again and click to download.                                                                                                 Facebook 
  • After that when it start downloading go to the downloaded menu and stop the task, then go to your file explorer and then UC browser downloaded file and delete the new one which will created as a same name.                                                                                                                                   watching movie 
  • After that again rename it to previous one on file explore you have change it and go to the uc browser and click start to download it.                                                UC browser 
  • Finally it start download from where they stop it on your device. And your resume video will be downloaded  easily.                                                                                                          website 


So guy these are the method which will help you to download the resume task easily on your android device. But i recommend you that follow all step same which i shared as above because if you missed any point you will can’t download the file. While reading make sure that keep reading every point two to three times then you do all step in your android device. Only these was an single method which will work to you and there was no there method to this. If you find any other method i sure it they are not working in your android device. If you have any query regarding this post you will comment in down on the comment box i will try o reply you soon whenever i read the post, Thanks for reading this post.


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