How to Transfer Photos from iphone to PC [100% Working]

Hi friends, Are you iphone user and love to click lots of photo and video and your memory has been full. There was no storage left in your device and you want to store your data and you doesn’t know how to transfer photos from iphone to computer or how to download photos from icloud to PC. If you see there was various apps and tricks will be available on the search engine but the fact is which are safe and which are not safe. If it is going wrong your all data will be access by another user which create problem for you. So keep reading this article it will very helpful for you.

If you search on google how to transfer photos from iphone to PC windows 10. You will get such type result like how to transfer photos from android to PC or transfer video from iphone to PC or how to search by image on iphone or where are videos stored on iphone. That’s why you doesn’t get solution of your problem. So here in this article i will share a guide which will help you best way to send high resolution photos to the computer.

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Transfer photo from iPhone to PC with USB cable

  • Firstly you need a iphone data cable to connect it through to your computer in which you want to transfer it. While connecting it first time you will see the popup come on the screen you should have to click on the Trust option.                                                                                                                                how to transfer photos from iphone to computer  
  • After that another popup will come on the screen which you can do allow to get access on it and your phone get unlock which you see on the screen.                                                                                                                                                      how to download photos from icloud to PC      
  • After that you should go the option of  This PC which appear on the desktop screen and then open your drives you can see the drive named as “Akash iPhone”. You should have to open it.                                                    how to transfer photos from iphone to PC windows 10 
  • After that you will see various folder appear on the screen while opening the Akash iphone drive. You should have to search the DCIM folder and click it to open it.
  • And lastly you should have to cut and paste your photo to your PC where you want by selecting the particular image or you can directly delete the photo which are not important for you in the DCIM folder. 

Transfer photo from using iCloud

  • Firstly you should open your iphone device and check you should have iCloud on your mobile and the software will be up to date or not otherwise you should have to update the app. But if iCloud photo will not installed on your device you should have to installed the app into the store to get access your photos and video.
  • After that you should have to login in to the iCloud account to accessing the photo, While login you should go to the setting and then search iCloud by dragging the option and click to open it.                                                                       how to transfer photos from android to PC 
  • After that you should go the photo option and click to open it, You should allow the iCloud photos option and it will accessing the all photo and video which you have been clicked and stored in the device.  
  • After that you should you open your PC and download the iCloud for windows, below i have provide a link which will help you directly go to that page.                                                                                                                                                               iCloud for PC
  • After that you should installed the app and sign in with same id and password which you use your iphone.
  • After that you should open you icloud in your  computer and tick all the mark by taping the corresponding option seen on the dashboard.                                                          transfer video from iphone to PC 
  • And then you will see somethings pop up on the screen and you should again tick the icloud photo library option and then click download new photos and video to my PC option and lastly click upload new photos and video from my PC and click done.                                                                 how to search by image on iphone 
  • Finally it take some few minutes to download all photos in your PC, While completing the download you should go the icloud photos option which was see on the “This PC“. By double clicking on it you should download all photos and video which you want.                                          where are videos stored on iphone


The transferring photo from iphone to windows device creates problem many time because of very small reason like app update some setting which you not allow to accessing and many other one.So here above i have share all important details which will create problem to get accessing the photo and videos by these method which will help you to get access your photos in your computer. If your problem has been solved regarding to how to transfer photos from iphone to PC you can share this to your friends and family. By this your friend problem will also be solved by reading my article. You can also comment down on the box if you have any query regarding this post i will try to reply you soon and thanks for reading this article.

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