Top Best PPD Websites To Earn Money Online

Hi friends, today i am going share you how to make money online with best affiliate programs. If you are searching best PPD sites or what was the best site, So you are at right place i am share some best most profitable apps which will help to earn money. I have a list of best PPD sites which gives all solution to you in a brief way. Mostly people doesn’t know about PPD or what is PPD, so it is Pay Per Download websites where free file sharing sites will pay you money in the form of work which was given to you while when you complete this exactly sites will gives you money and everyone should wants the money by for as a side income. In fact online marketing has taken giant leaps forward and has evolved in a big way to offering enormous earning opportunities for a user while every gpay download.

how much money can you make from an app

What is PPD

The full form of PPD is Pay Per Download. They are the site which gives money in the form work or task should we do which was given by the websites. PPD sites provide a platform where anyone can upload the thing like image, video, file or anything. so there was some sites available at internet which was free to uploaded it. So these site was useful for every one but mostly for the blogger who want to earn money at home for which we download the file from the server and then many ads should come on your page form which you can earn money with indirectly by redirect the server to their page. Many people should ask on PPD sites, how much money can you make from an app the answer will be its depend upon you which paid software download sites you should download it from the sites it will be unpaid or get paid per click. If you want to earn money online free with the file sharing sites or earn money online fast keep reading this article.

Types of PPD sites

In the market basically two types of PPD sites are available the first will be PPD sites without survey and second one be PPD sites with survey. If we talk about the first one where PPD sites without survey where you cannot find any task to complete before downloading, sharing or uploading anything to earn money. so you can easily upload the files from this kind of the sites and get paid you 0.10$ per download to anyone.

But in the second one where PPD sites with the survey where should survey done after the task complete before downloading on the PPD sites where you can upload it. But this was very difficult task to complete survey to everyone on the sites. If you complete the survey it should pay you 1$ per download. These are the PPD affiliate programs that pay consistently without any problem So if you searching for the best PPD sites you are right place here you can know about the best app which will solve your problem. The all website which i share you all of them are best network which trusted by everybody online, They are  not just legitimate pay per download networks but also the most popular pay per networks ever online.

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Sites for Pay Per Download


User Cloud


how to make money online

User Cloud is a file hosting service where you can store your user data in a security environment and get a centralized access point that you authenticate and manage your users and its give unlimited space to all of them who registered and reserve usercloud account. It was flexible API offers full control over your database, allowing you easily view, edit, update,delete and export the data. In this you can earn money by your uploading file in them and the visitor should download it. So if you want use the sites then you can registered on it and the site link should given below from where you can get access it.

                                                                            UserCloud                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Features

  • In this you can earn 10$ per 1000 download file but it depending upon size.
  • centralized access point for your user data.
  • 100% compliance with all the U.S.A and European data protection.
  • You can withdraw it easily by transferring the money in your account by various method like Paytm or PayPal.
  • You can do daily transfer money in your account.
  • You will get 10% referral earning when the any new user will registered through the affiliate link.
  •  In this you can upload it the maximum size of 1 GB file in the user cloud storage.


Adscend Media 

get paid for surveys

Adscend media was an research surveys that are custom-tailored to a user interest and are available via publisher. In this you can add different type of file like apps, games, article or your website on the Adscend media platform. It have other marketing strategy to the others sites like this site whatever earn from the downloaded file of your which you upload in it and other users should download it at which they should give you share. In another word if you upload any thing in their website and every download by other  user you will offered some dollar. If you want to use this site you can go through the link which should i provide you below.



  • In this you can higher payouts allow adscend to pay their publisher more per completed survey, including up to 30$ with the most reward based offers paying publisher approx 1$ which was good as compare to others sites.
  •  It was available in over 250 countries including CA, US, AU, RU, DE, ID, GB and IN.
  • It have proxy detection to block the publisher who want to do fraud by the fraud monitoring to ensure quality data to other.
  • In this you can upload it different type of file like apps, games, website or article in the adscend.




earn money online free

It was an revolutionary method in the PPD, They allow the users or members to upload the files which they want in their websites and share it online, every visitor who download the file in filelce it will pays 1$ average for every completed survey which have been done while downloaded the files. It is the best technique which was used by other for the PPD sites. In this whatever you upload it the filelce give permission to you share that on the websites and social networking sites which makes them different as compare to others. So if you want to earn some money then you can registered it in the link which i provided to you below.



  • In this there was no limit to what you can earn it, You can earn 0$ to 2000$+ in the one day, it depending on you how hard work you do.
  • you can upload the files with high speed flash up-loader by copying the link of related file which you want.
  • you should provide easy feedback system as compare to other by sending the mail to the Filelce support system.
  • It has a statistic that will show you the traffic source number of hits, click and so on.




paid software download sites

It is an one of the most popular PPD sites because many blogger should loved it various features which make unique as compare to others. bloggers who have an account on this or owned it for uploading the link like coupon site, books site, tech sites and some others site which make more advantage on the Sharecash. It is oldest and most popular websites where you should even monetize your website or blog by placing their code and get paid each time a visitor will access or download it to your sites. If you want to access this website so you can go through the link which i have provide you below.



  • In this it pay you around 1$ to 20$ for every download a file which you should link or attached with their file.
  • It was highest paid PPD sites which will help you generate more income.
  • It have websites widget tools to lock pages containing premium contain to the websites which can customization for both mobile and desktop traffic.
  • The using of File Widget Tool in sharecash it provide you a hosted landing page for your files as well as to integrate the file download directly onto your websites.
  • The payment should you get in a month it depending on the member plan like standard for once a month, Gold for Twice a month and Elite for once in a week.


I hope you should like this tricks which will help you generate more income will uploading your files. This was an some best websites which will help you to share with others, so if you have any problem regarding this article you should give suggestion the comment box. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible, share this article to you friends. Thank you friends.

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