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Hi Friends, Are you have website and you have article but here your article was not ranking well. So don’t worry here in this article i have a solution of your problem. If you see when you search anything in thing in search engine the result will be appear by rank which is called best SEO results. If you see best keyword research tool there was only few free keyword research tool. So here in this article where you can know how to keyword research for your article to rank up top while searching by any person. In this you can some best keyword research tool which help to boast up your article. If you see when you search the best keyword research tool 2018 you find various website shown free researching tool for keyword but in 2019 some of them are now paid. Then after researching lots of best keyword research tool free and paid will given below so keep reading this article.

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the best keyword research tool 2018


What is Keyword Research

Keyword research help to search similar subject which you are looking for which you are entered in search engine. It was used to find alternative search which you entered once you entered in search engine. The main objective of searching keyword is to achieve best SEO result and while using those keyword into your article will give you boast to most readable post on the google and ranked up into top most post. In another way we can say that it was an process of discovering word which people used in the search engine for relating content around those terms. The keyword research gives you an tremendous insight to the costumer which they are searching for it that’s why keyword research tool for seo.

Best Keyword Research Tool

Here below i have share some best keyword research tool which i have listed after researching.

Google Keyword Planner

This was the most favorite keyword research tool used by public is keyword planner or named as Google AdWords. This tool  are basically free to use for keyword analytics on the google search engine. While entering the word it automatically generated the new keyword with combining different keyword list. If you will see the all keyword will be based on the  primarily keyword by selecting the best alternative according to your article you can used it on your article. You will see all the  keyword will be long tail or as well as short tail and with the keyword you will also see the average search volume data, Competition on that keyword and Suggested bid. The best part of this app was is directly link with google which result will accurate to search mostly on the google and this search engine is the most usable by the public. 

best keyword research tool free



It was an second best keyword research tool in which you can search lots of keyword. It was best SEO suite according to the US search awards which create uniqueness in keyword research tool. In semrush you can see lots of thing related to the keyword like organic search, paid search, CPC and Trends. In this you can see of your or any others domain overview, back link analytics and traffic analytics. The problem of Semrush is it was not free you have to subscription of monthly or annuals but you can use it at seven days as a trail basis without paying any cost which was good for you. The semrush have there own database from where they  store 16.3 billion keyword, 4.9 billion domain and 7900 billion back links which is very important for keyword researcher. 

best keyword research tool



It was an third keyword research tool which can be say as customizable according to you. In this you can provide a different search engine at one place like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, amazon, Bing any many others to search a bulk keyword at one place to help a content creator. In this you can save your keywords which was favorite for you by drag and drop method and then you can download it in a CSV file. The best part of soovle is if you search keyword from it and include them into the content, it may be chance of being increase in target audience. In this you can move the any search engines by clicking right arrow key on the icon and drop it to desire place. The soovle is free keyword research tool which you can use it without paying money which is very good for a keyword researcher.

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Keyword Everywhere

In this you can search keyword as a free but if you want a monthly search volume or cost per click or competition data then you have take subscription. In 2018 the keyword everywhere was totally free for doing all thing which i have already shared but in 2019 you have to pay somethings for using it keyword research. If you see it was most lovable keyword researcher because it will integrates with an extension while it was Firefox or Chrome while it will give you related keyword which you have been search with the metrics of his database. You should have to only select the those keyword which was suitable for your website. In this you can also get access of keyword metrics of any list of the keyword and download it in the Excel, PDF or CSV file formats.

keyword research tool for seo

Final verdict

So these are some best keyword research tool which help to search best keyword of related post. In these some are paid and some are free its depend on you which tool is suitable for you. The right keyword help you to putting together with right content strategy which create right marketing strategy  to the best result you want. This tool is more effective for those who have a new site they will help  you go closer to your success. I hope you should like this tricks please share it to other who writing an post or have website to rank up while anyone searching related to the keyword it will very helpful for them. If you have any query regarding this article you can comment it down on the comment box i will reply as possible.

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