Top Best Dictionary Apps For Android

Hi Friends, Today i am going to share study related tricks and tips which will help you to enhanced your knowledge skill while as compare to others. Here in this article you can know top best dictionary apps which will help you learn something new. As we know that many people  reading English newspaper, magazine or books and many others things but while sometimes reading paragraph, sentence or article some word which create confusion or you didn’t know about that word meaning. So here in this article your problem will be solve because in this article i am sharing top best dictionary app which will help you access that difficult word meaning.

If you see their should various app should be available on play store or google but some are free or some are paid. So that’s why i researched the various dictionary apps and selected the best app which was suitable for you. All the apps you can try it on your device each will be helpful for you. If you see some apps was online but some of them was offline the major difference between them was in online dictionary you can access some few more word meaning which was researched as newly or daily basis but in offline mode you can access it newly word but after some period of time means when new update should be available on the play store. So that was not big issue you can get access most of word meaning on the dictionary apps.

1- English Hindi Dictionary   

In this user can get meaning of word from Hindi to English or English to Hindi, It support basically offline mode in them there should lakhs of Hindi and English word downloaded which provide you a definition, synonyms and antonyms. It support also listen pronunciation of English and Hindi to speak and read of word easily. If you see there should approx 10 million users will download this app and you can easily download it from the play store to your android device.

2-English Fast Dictionary

It was the second best dictionary app for android device which enter the world of unlimited education. In this app you can get fastest result with providing explanation and also with the sentence examples. In this app you can get a wide range of knowledge from the basic to highly academic vocabulary. For foreign student who studies PhD from any subject will help this app easily. If you see it have approximately 10 million plus user download and use this app from the play store.

3-Oxford Dictionary

It was oldest and best dictionary books or app in the world, If you see there was 50 million user will downloaded this app on their device which means it was an highly popularity dictionary app on play store. It comes with various included features like wild card, Fuzzy filter, voice search, camera search, share and many others features which was helpful to you. If you see it have very latest vocabulary of 350,000 words, phrase and meanings. That’s why this app was an clear, functional and easy to use interface to effortless finds words quickly.


In this app you can get 2 lakhs word of different English word and phrases. The best part of this app is you can learn everyday new word because it provide word of the day in which learn something new by using this app. This app was using by 50 million user and you can download it from the directly play store. If you have little bit confusion about the spelling which you type it suggested you word related which you have been type or looking for which was very helpful for us. It increase your eloquence, perfectly pronounce words and become a language lover with the help of app.  

5- Hindi Dictionary

This is the best learning English for beginners who will start learning English or speaking English. In this you can search both Hindi and English words which was very helpful for Hindi medium students. It also support backup and restore system which will helpful in future or when you want remind it in your mind. The all data will which you have been seen at past will have their own history and study plan which very helpful for them. It have approximately 10 million plus download from the play store which was totally free. The most important part of this app was it have inbuilt word game which help in increase vocabulary by playing with the game. the best part of this app was is you can use speak to text feature and the all process should done on the offline mode  which was very useful for the user their should no worry about the internet connection.


That’s all guys this was an some best dictionary app which was very helpful for student and others who loves reading books magazine or anything because when they get confusion on single word while reading paragraph or article the dictionary app will very helpful for them. The best and common part of all this apps was most of them was free but some in area was paid but very less in price. I recommend you that keep updating your dictionary app after some interval of gaps means weekly or monthly because new update will come with new features and new words which was added on the apps. So i hope this tricks and tips will helpful for the student but if you have any query regarding this post you can comment down in the box which was given below or you can give your suggestion also which also helpful to me. Also subscribe my channel for new post update when i will share on my website. Thanks for reading this article.  







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