Top Android Hacking Tips and Tricks

Android is the king of Smartphone, If we talk about the android user who use it but doesn’t aware some tricks which will advance the mobile and every features will considering themselves experts at android OS. So to access it there was million of ingenious apps there but it is not possible to use all the apps in then android mobile. In the world the technology will becoming advanced day by day, Now no one can ignore that digital technology is the fastest growing and we are the part of them but we didn’t have any idea which is good or bad. So here in this article i am share to you best mobile hacks with some cool hacking apps and best hacking software to download and enjoy it with right hacking tips.

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It was the time to you need to get smarter to using android smartphone, You need to do your smartphone more advance and help you in daily life like for internet browsing, protect your data to the hacker while you anywhere on the globe, money transaction easily, download or share data easily with the android hack tool apk no root. To utilize the all apps on your android mobile and surprise it to your all friends with some awesome tricks and also you can enhancing your mobile phone features. So here i selected some awesome and cools hacks that are written in this article to upgrade your android mobile. If you want to look that tricks and remote access android phone hack so read the complete are disused below.

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Best Hacking Tips and Tricks:

There was various apps are present like android WiFi cracker app, app like hack, android crack or hack mobile phone software free download but i am sharing you the latest and most trending app which will use by the professional user after researching it. So here some app which will solve your problem instantly which are :-


Finger Print Scanner

Finger print scanner is an android app that make for possible to execute certain action when you touch your fingerprint scanner and your device is unlocked. It was easy and fast to use with an alternative or a complement to those hard to remember password. You can Lock whats app, Gallery and Facebook apps in your mobile and open it easily with by scanning your finger without typing or making pattern on the mobile.

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  • It was an Unique and Highly secure fingerprint scanner, They are used to lock or unlock the device and apps without needing to remember the password.
  • It offers you a high accuracy because it is the most economical bio-metric PC user authentication technique.
  • It was convenience to use as compare to password protection.
  • Easy to open selective photo and gallery by scanning the finger with compare to typing password in mobile repeatedly and get frustrated.
  • You can guess the password while continue to be most widely used security method but in fingerprint you can’t guess the password because of uniqueness.

Step to Download

  • first open your browser and search the fingerprint scanner or you can download it from the link which was given below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Fingerprint Scanner
  • After that you should open it the app and create account for all new user by entering your name and email id.
  • After that you should get permission to create security on the mobile so it access you directly to setting and then click OK on the app icon.
  • Final you entered the password for primary backup and then fingerprint, It all done now enjoy this app in the mobile.


Recycle Bin

It was an best tool to help you manage all mobile files, The major problem of that time is data recovery because when the people use mobile phone and mistakely delete the important data,  So whenever you want to recover the delete files from the mobile, it was impossible.

If you want to recover your delete data so don’t get worry here i have an app which will solve your problem easily and recover your mobile data which you have been deleted.

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  • If your important photo, video and file will be deleted accidentally on your mobile you can recover it from the recycle bin app.
  • It protect from outside viewer with the help of app lock capabilities because it will access password to open the app in the mobile.
  • It have an free valuable storage space on the device to em-belling users to save all deleted items to the storage.
  • It support the multiple languages to use it this app in various country on the mobile.
  • It have available a auto clean option to delete anything permanently.

Step to Download

  • Firstly open your browser and search the app on your android mobile and or you can download it from the link which was given below.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dumpster 
  • After that you should open your dumpster app and then there should come access the app.
  • After that you can get access of all delete file in the dumpster app.
  • finally enjoy this app.


Apps Blocker

In your mobile you stored a various app in which some of them are important but some are doesn’t, So we cannot delete the important apps in the mobile but if you want to block the apps for a certain period by installing the app because sometimes some app create problem for using long period of time.                                                                           cool hacking apps


  • It will save time from the distracting apps while when when you supposed to work or study.
  • Clear lock is an productivity app which allow to block distracting apps on your smartphone.
  • You can blocked your important app for certain period of time while never deleting it permanently on the mobile.
  • Hide your non usefulness apps which you doesn’t want to delete it and use it when you need it.

Step to Download 

  • Firstly open your browser and search Clear lock or you can download it from the link which was given below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Clear Lock
  • After that you should launch the app and it will currently installed on your android device.
  • Now you select the apps which you want to block particular time on your device.
  • After that you should select the period of time for how long you want to block the apps.
  • After that you should confirm you blocked app by simply click on the I’M SURE button.
  • Lastly you will see the time you have set for your blocked app and if you need the app then reboot the device to access your blocked apps in your mobile.

Double Tap Screen On/Off

We mostly wake up the mobile by pressing the power button but on some android phone you can do this by voice command to do. So if you want to do on your mobile by some another method which was by double taping on the screen. Now say good bye to your old power button to On or Off in the device and get access it by tap on the screen.

app like hack


  • You can unlock easily while when you have any urgent to do work on your android smartphone.
  • You can lock instantly by double taping on the screen when you are hurry to do something or at night when you instantly going sleeping.
  • It save to consume more battery on your android smartphone by tapping on the screen while doing your work.
  • Click on the enable button and see the animation to learn how the app should works.
  • From here, you just need to pick your phone to wake up the screen and click the app icon to switch off the screen.

Step to Download

  • Firstly open your browser and search DTSO: Double Tap Screen On Off or you can download it from the link which was given below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Double Tap Screen On Off
  • After that you should open the apps on your mobile you can see the first page there should two option present.
  • After that you should choose the lock option by click the on them and then you should click on another option to activate it on your smartphone device.
  • Lastly it all done and then you should wake up your phone by double taping on the screen and enjoy this amazing features on your mobile.


That’s all this was some apps which will advanced your smartphone as compare to others and make unique to friends. In this tutorial i have guide you all important app which needed in every mobile for those user who want more in their mobile but can’t access it, So here in this article you can well know about them. For your handling them i have briefly describe the its features and step to download it on android mobile, I have also provide a link which will help you to get access apps instantly without searching the apps on the google playstore. If you have any query regarding this article you can message it on the comment box or if you want to suggest something on this article you can also do this on the comment box. Share this article to your friends, family and others and get subscribe my channel for new post when i am sharing it will notify you. I hope you should like this article, thank you for visiting my site.

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