Things to know about Dropbox in Desktop

Today i am going to share you best file storage app which you can installed in your desktop or laptop. You can use as a backup in your device because sometime your PC got crash or not working properly So that time your data will be stored at save place. And easily recover by you with the app when your PC will get repair. So here in this article you can know about free Dropbox space which help you to store your file and folder in their app. If you see there was various alternative to dropbox if you compare like dropbox vs google drive which will work as a same, But i recommend you to use it when you will satisfy by using the app in your desktop. You can also read Download Freedom Apk latest version and get App Purchase Hack or Bypass OTP Codes From Indian/ USA Disposable Phone Numbers.               

dropbox vs google drive

The question you think first is how to use dropbox, how to download files from dropbox or If they want to transfer dropbox to google drive how is this possible. So here you can get a full guide which will make you pro for using and knowledge in dropbox ftp. Not also in this you can also know some basic details which will help you in dropbox. Like these are dropbox account, dropbox sign in, Dropbox file size limit to upload, downloaded app for dropbox links . It was best file hosting service which make that is dropbox secure to the hacker to not get stolen your personal data from outsider. That’s why it is best internet application in the world which was ranked as one in the most valuable startups in the worlds.

Features of Dropbox

Here i have listed which will help you know what should you get in the dropbox. Some example in brief are File storage, Offline access, File recovery and many others which you see below in details.

  • The dropbox will provide you an 2 GB for free storage in the app and you extent it up to 100 GB by taking various plan given on the dropbox account.
  • It provide you an security to not loss your data by various malicious treats which harms your data or use as for his own work.
  • You can remind your file when you share it to others by commenting down on them.
  • You can share the file to others which you want it, Only you should select the file in the dropbox folder and click the right button and you find a sharing option. So according to choice which method you want to share that file you have choose like emails, social media or any others method.
  • For accessing the file stored in dropbox you need to entered your user id and password to get login in it.

How to install Dropbox app 

If you see you will get 25 GB free storage to store any file and folder for 12 month but this will you get inbuilt in the some Laptop. So here below i have shared only basic step for acquiring Normal storage in the dropbox.

  • Firstly open your any browser in laptop or PC and then search the Dropbox app install page or you can directly go to that page by clicking on it which i shared below.                                                                                                                                   Dropbox
  • After that click you to installed it on your device by clicking on the extension file named as dropbox installer.
  • After that click to open dropbox on your PC and start buffering to open at the dropbox which you see in photo also.                                      how to use dropbox 
  • After that you see the dropbox dashboard, Then you should have to entered your your basic requirement to create your account in the dashboard.                                                                                                           how to download files from dropbox 
  • After that login into the dropbox and go the setting option from here you can change the basic folder where you want and get sync it your dropbox.
  • Finally you have to click default folder location of dropbox and get change it to a different folder and now enjoy it.


I hope you should love this tricks which help you to know what you can do with the help of dropbox. You can also know about the features which will help to know full detail to use it in your laptop or PC. If you enjoy to read this post please share it to other to know more about this tricks by others.  If you have any query regarding this post you comment it may be i solved your problem. And subscribe my website for new post update. Thanks for giving your precious time for reading this post.


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