June 4, 2023

Hi guys, today I,m going to share latest version of  spotify premium APK. It is  a music ,podcast and video streaming  service that was launch  on oct 2008 , it main moto  was to improved streaming quality and music. It was available for most modern devices like Windows ,linux , macos for computer and laptop , as well as Android ,IOS and windows for Phone, tablets and smartphone . In spotify we can search as a songs by artist , genre , album , record label , playlist. It have lots of features in it but there was some features are available in paid version .In this we listen music offline or online mode and there was many other features we can explore it. In spotify there had more than 145 million monthly  active on jan 2018 which creates royality on his how people love this spotify.

In this blog you can know full details on Spotify premium APK for music streaming on android . For spotify premium users having many features like while listening  music  there should no interruption on advertisement create you can download music tracks for offline listening and also to good audio quality.  As compare to other music app they only get inferior or  low quality on web streaming but in spotify you can access a 320 kbps  which was an superior or high quality on mobile.FEATURES OF SPOTIFY

There was an some useful features of spotify which makes it best in category for music. spotify will help you to get vision for download the app.

  • listen million of song from any artist ,album, or playlist.
  • download music any time on any device like computer , laptop , smartphone , tablet for offline listening .
  • listening music without any interruption of advertisement with unlimited skip option.
  • enjoy high quality of video with amazing sound.
  • you can create ,edit share tracks ,playlist  on social media and make playlist with other use.
  • it was an user friendly interface that can anyone access it.
  • many  shortcuts are have been which added to easy out the music experience.
  • listen unlimted song with shuffle mode which made it possible for best user experience.

Spotify Premium Apk Version Info

Version 8.4.333
Released January 14  2018
App Size 44.8 mb
Downloaded 10 million
Developer Spotify ltd
Rating  4.5 star
Package Com. Spotify.music
Update Auto Download


  1. If you want to download through computer you should go to official website SPOTIFY  and click start to open the app. and if you download the app in smartphone or tablet through google by search it.
  2. after that sign up various procedure which should be ask on it .
  3. after creating an account you should log in spotify .
  4. and then enjoy the music.

Fix Spotify Not Avilable In Your Country

spotify app mostly available approx 70 country, so there should a error come while run the spotify app in other country because spotify premium apk is not available in other country ,then we can use a VPN (Virtual Private Networks). That will help you to surf the internet anonymously in unsupported country.


There are some question regarding  spotify app which comes in people mind.

Problems in logging

if you are cant login in with facebook , you just need to select log in facebook . make sure you are logged  into correct facebook account  on the device to spotify. But if you not signed with facebook on spotify  you should deactivate the facebook account or close the account spotify with facebook. In this case you need create a new account the following tips are :-

  • cancel any existing premium subscription account first.
  • after that you should sign up a new account there should need a fill various detail which should be asked on it.
  • after completed the procedure you should now login in spotify.HOW Protect your account

How to Protect your account

some people are care deeply about the safety of your personal data , So here spotify  security team work 24/7 to protect from any internet villainy, safeguarding .There are also some measures you can protecting your spotify account and ensure personal data secure to outsider.

  • you can keep change different password for each service and website . if you are using same password for all services their should be chance of leek of security breach. for ex you are unlock all the door of your house .
  •  you can make a strong password means alpha numeric password , generally the longer password or special combination of digit , letter and special character which providing a high level of security.

How to recover the playlists which have been deleted

sometimes you want to create backup of your song while you formating app or your mobile so here spotify automatically backs up the playlist you have been created . you can easy to get back. There are some tips you to do for backup.

  • firstly log in your account
  • after that click the left menu to recover the playlist.
  • click the restore option by the playlist you have to recover.
  • after that you have find the restored playlist you have want.

Is it spotify app legal

many people have common question on all the process related to spotify are legal or not , so friends here spotify  will be legal as has all the document and the payment . the spotify provide you secure  using to the hacker it was a right platform to expand your limit.

Clean cache on spotify premium apk

Their should clear cache on spotify their should be an edit option given from where you can choose the preference , check the location of folder and files on them otherwise you can delete it so after seeing it you can delete or clear the cache data on your phone. after clear it will provide you smoother experience to run the app.

How to run spotify on that country where it is not available

as above i have told that from where spotify will not run we can use the vpn to run them, the best way to use spotify in your country is by using it through VPN.

Final Verdict

As above i have explain the easy guide upon spotify premium apk for android device , i have explain the various features upon spotify which you didnt know . you should have fix the error come which is showing on the app, you will get 10 days premium subscription to access for online listing . I will try to update spotify with the official account if you want to get updated with me  kindly join with us i will always updated you.

I hope you will loved this article and i wish you would should share with other who loved to listen the music every time . so they can also take benefit  of this app , if you want more stuff like this keep visiting my blog , if you have any question drop in my comment box for quick help to you, thank you friends.

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