How to Speed your Android Phone Performance

In a world mostly people are using the android smartphone, to keep android running quickly, the user will remove old apps which you don’t like anymore because to not slow android phone. Sometimes in phone internet slow, The reason behind them was of speed up android phone performance. So here in this article you can know about how to make android phone run faster, why is my phone so slow on the internet and why is my phone so slow. If your device is loaded down with picture, video and files and you want to transferring them to a computer or friends by the quickest way but due to of speed it takes more time to share or copy in the storage. You can also read How to lock top secret folder on windows and Top 7 app to trace mobile number with name and place. So today i am here to solve that issue, we are going to share an tricks  to speeding up your android phone.why is my phone so slow

You have probably like me who has too many app in your smartphone. So we download the many apps without any thinking while the app are good or not and also don’t forget to uninstall or delete it. After some period of time it start create problem like phone start hanging, slow down app android, phone processing become slow, internet become slow and many more things while in device there should have a lots of storage. So users become start searching on google why my phone slow and how to speed up my android phone and lastly don’t get satisfactory revert. Now you don’t get worry about this i will solve your speed up my phone for free and make your android phone faster while it is also use in the how to speed up tablet. The tricks which i am going to share with you was not a new one but it will working well in long period of time.

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Tricks to Speed up Android smartphone

A. Clear Some Space 

In your phone what ever you photo and video click or you can download it from somewhere it will store in the storage of your device or you can installed the app on your phone which was unnecessary to useful you and it takes your space on your drive but some of there unseen data will also stored in the storage and takes some extra space.

  •  Firstly you should click to open your setting and go to the storage option. then you see the various app will take different space in your storage on the Apps section. You should uninstalled the app which was not necessary to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          why is my phone slow
  • After that you should need to clear unnecessary files which you have been keep in the storage like photo, docs, video and downloaded files. Many times we downloaded the files or while capturing photo and video for temporary purpose and forget them to delete. so go to the setting  and remove it by deleting the media and files. you should also find this type of things in other section of storage in the device like received via Bluetooth, playlist , backups or apks. so you should delete it them to free some space by click on the option.                                     why is my phone so slow on the internet
  • The another type of file which access the space named as cached data. It was mostly used by the apps to speed up the tasks in various form to your phone. so that’s why it will create problem if you are running low space on the device. So you should tap on the cached data option and do confirm delete to your phone.                                                                                                                                                                                          how to speed up my android phone

B. Close Animations

When we using or downloading the animation it takes much space while we open, close or touch it anything on the mobile. Even in default system it depending on you to use launcher. At current time the animation was to good with having great look in action. so it may be always  chance of slowing down your mobile. so here some step  which you have follow and boast your speed on mobile.

  • Firstly you should open your mobile and go to the setting and then go in about phone section and tap it on the build number for multiple times.                                                                                                                                                                                         how to make android phone run faster
  • After you again go to setting and scroll down you see a option of developer option, You should click on them to open it you see a multiple option you should again click on other option named as  window animation scale and do off it which you should also see in photo below.                                                                                                                                                                                               speed up android phone performance

C. Remove Unnecessary Widgets

If you see there was various widgets was on the screen which may be useful but it slow down your processor on the mobile. so you have to delete unnecessary widgets on the home screen, The widgets will not harm your mobile but it will create problem in the performance or running the app, so remove the non important widget on the screen.

Speed up your Android smartphone by Apps

If your smartphone speed was getting slow then you should firstly identify your problem what was reason that and what to do it. So here i have an app which will help you to identify problem in your system. There was various app on the google play store but i am sharing you the best and usable by the mostly user. The app which i am sharing to you was an Trepn™ Profiler which was developed Qualcomm Innovation Center.

Trepn was an performance and power profiling application for any android mobile. It will help you to identify your problem in your mobile CPU, It will runs most of the android device with available additional features on them while using it.

make your android phone faster


  • It have a real time viewer of the CPU.
  • Display power consumption in a device.
  • You can also see the data usage while WiFi or cellular.
  • Monitored app performances running well or not.
  • It runs on a device which have snapdragon, media tek, exynos and others processor.
  • It run with manual or automatically on the mobile it depending on your choice.
  • Identify problem on your device easily without any ads promotion on apps.

How to install

  1.  Firstly you should open your browser and search Trepn profiler or you can download it from the link which was given below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Download Trepn Profiler
  2. After that you should download it on your device and installed it.
  3. After you should open it and check it what issue or problem will have create problem in the device.
  4. Finally you enjoyed this app on your mobile.


If you really want to boast your speed on your mobile, You can imagine that how simple was this to solve your problem so i discussed with you in some simple step which i have explain above. In this tutorial i have solve your problem how to make android phone run faster and what should you do at which your android phone get speed up in their performance. I am 100% sure that it will help you because i am also use it and it works very fine and smooth to me then i will share to you. While speeding it the phone phone internet should also going fast and you browse or download with fastly. So i thought to come up at the end here to present this session with you.

I hope you should like this article keep sharing to others and subscribe by website for new tips and tricks. If you have any query regarding this article you should comment it on the comment box and thank you for visiting my website.

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