How to remove shortcut Virus on PC, SD card & USB

Today mostly people are using gadget for necessities and their utilities in daily life with them their work will stop or taking long process to do all thing. If we talking about the device the first name come computer, It was device which is used everywhere in the world for their beneficiary and do work easily. So if you are windows user you are always worried about shortcut virus on their computer or laptop then here in this article i have an guide how to remove virus from computer. If we talk about shortcut virus it create lots of problem or issue while when you are using computer and virus is basically come in computer by using pendrive, SD card and using browser while when you surfing net.

In this article you can not know only how to remove shortcut virus from computer windows 8, but you can also know how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive or sd card reader not working in your computer by the virus and remove by using shortcut virus remover cmd in easy way. If we talk about virus remover there are various portable antivirus software you can handle this problem but some virus will not exactly deleted to your computer so here was an trick which will help you remove shortcut virus complete.

 Shortcut Virus

If we talk about the shortcut virus it was an malware type virus  which hides the original files inside the shortcut but if we talk about the harm on computer it might make them corrupt or even delete all the files, its depend on the kind of virus will have in your device. If we talk about the virus how to fix usb shortcut or how 2 remove a virus then your computer prevails virus become infected and original files stay hidden and the shortcut virus appeared in your folder. So for doing all process i have define all process by step by step which make to solve the problem to remove virus easily.

Types of Shortcut Virus

There was generally two type of shortcut virus which create problem to your device, So let’s dive a bit deeper into what each means and what they damage it on your device.

Flash Drive Shortcut Virus 

It was an kind of Trojan Virus which available on your flash drive, pendrive or SD card, It create more harmful as compare to others, That’s why we all use premium antivirus to protect your data and files. Flash drive shortcut virus creates a shortcut of the entire removable drive and it will not harmful only internal Hard Disk but external Hard Disk also. If you want to know the file which is in your drive named as .exe file created on your drive. While when you open it, there may be chance that they will spread to the other file and folder and it will start spying you, So here i have a solution which help you to remove virus easily.

File and Folder Shortcut Virus

If we talk about file shortcut virus it make shortcut on program file this is the least destructive, its harmful when it can attack software execution file. But in Folder shortcut virus it can spread itself after executing to number of different folders at the place of original. In file and folder shortcut virus will generate by using pendrive, SD card or computer using it different device. The file or folder will move which is infected with shortcut virus with movable easily to the different area and steal your data easily. So here i have full guide below by step to step to do process and remove shortcut virus easily.

Step to Remove shortcut Virus

While after starting to remove virus on your computer, pendrive and SD card you will make sure that you should follow easy and every step when to removing virus, So let start.

Remove shortcut virus from Computer or Laptop

  • Firstly open your laptop or computer and go to the drive C and then you should go to   App data and then Local and then Temp.
  • After that you should see nkvasyoxww.vbs  on the list and then you should found it delete it permanently
  • After that you should go Drive C/User/Safras/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/ Program.                                                                            sd card reader not working
  • After that if you see same file named above, then delete it permanently.

Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive and SD card

  • Firstly open your Computer and then you should go to the windows icon and right click and select command prompt (admin) and then click it on yes on the user control by taping it.                                                                                                                      how to remove virus from computer
  • After that you should type flash drive latter then hit enter to the symbol ( : ) and then if you navigate to the local disk D through command prompt then type D and click on it.
  • After that you should type del*.Ink and click enter.
  • After that you should type next command attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l and click it on enter button.                                                                                   how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive
  • After that close the cmd prompt and open your drive.

So guys this was an some step which will help you remove virus from the computer, pendrive and SD card, while following this step which card reader not working by the virus will start working. I also recommended to that you should also installed a good antivirus program on your laptop or computer like Kaspersky total security or Avast antivirus  to provide protection this kind of threats.

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