How to see the Hidden Friends on Facebook

Hi guys, i am back with new stuff. Today i am share you to see someone hidden friend list on Facebook and how friends hide in facebook. We know that Facebook was an networking site which connect people to all over the world, the website mainly aim was to connecting people or helps them through socialise & make revenue out of advertising on can also see download PS3 Emulator for android and create watsapp account by USA numbers . Facebook is arguably the most powerful social media at that time, you can connect with your family , friends , work colleges and many more. Moreover, it was easy to showing their interest or connect with them with photo, message , and video. we know that million of activity will done by the day so for making more advance day by day the Facebook will updated it, due to increase of liking and its popularity many user do some illegal activity like hacking the data of another user.Mostly people make fb friends list private so Facebook allow you to keep your data private so you can protect the identities of your Facebook friends so in that case we are unable to check the another friends of that person. But here i have a way by which you can find hidden people on Facebook  which you want to see. The tool is nothing but just a google chrome browser extension says  Facebook Friend Mapper.

What is Facebook Friend Mapper

Facebook friends mapper allow you to reveal the friends list of those people who have already at atleast one mutual friends with you, Facebook friend mapper was work on tool which called Google Chrome browser extension while doing some tricks you will have to see the other friend list.The Chrome extension facebook friend mapper was launched just a few days ago so most of the user are not yet aware about this tool there was some features which was given below:

  • Export data as cssvx.
  • Display search result with interactive  data visualization.
  • It help to find friends link between any two Facebook users.
  • It runs up to x22 faster than v2.0.1

Easy Step to See Someone Hidden Facebook Friends List

This trick should not follow to see the entire friend list you can see your mutual friends between the person whose friend list you want to hack and the common friend between them and you. This process was pretty simple, Once you have target picked it out.To follow step start uncovering their friends which was given below :

  • To start this firstly you should do somethings on your mobile or computer you should make fresh or new Facebook account for smoothly doing in all process.
  • after that you should download and install the latest version of google crome browser in your computer but if you have it browser then don’t download it.
  • and then you should download and install the extension Facebook friends mapper from google.
  • now the both downloaded and installed the extension will get added to your google chrome browser.
  • after that you should login into Facebook account in google crome browser and then you should open the friends whose hidden friends whose you want to see.
  •  after that you should nailed down a friend of your target and find the both of them Facebook account, you can also see the page URL of both will appears and then you should insert them into both user URL look like.
  • After that you can see  your friend every member which have common between them should appear and then all the hidden friendlist on facebook will be started appears on your homepage.                                                            

so if you want to keep list of your friends private, then you should note the Facebook current privacy setting would not help you to resolve the problem. For which you can expect a privacy patch from Facebook security team as soon as possible before become viral. You can also see the Download spotify premium apk latest version & How to change MAC address from android device.  


That all guys, so this was the simplest way to see hidden Facebook friends list. If you use this tool, your privacy setting wont work for that person and your hidden friends will be list to can also have fun with by shocking them that you should know their friends that they hidden. I hope you should like this article of Facebook trick don’t forget to share it with your friends and family’s, if you have any query about this post you should leave a comment below, Thank you.

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