How to lock a Top Secret Folder on Windows

Today i am going to share you how to password protect a folder while when you folder making because there was lots of personal thing which you didn’t want to share to others. Here in this article you can read the best folder lock software which are password protect files of your private video or private photo vault online. You might be one of them who has a PC or laptop users at home, And you have desire to keep your important files secret to the other users who use your computer without informing you. Don’t take worry about this, I will help you to folder lock for windows. There should also you can know about the how to password protect a folder in windows 7 and how to password protect a file in windows 10 with creating with windows encrypt folder. You can also read How to know who viewed your Whatsapp profile stealthily and How to run two whatsapp account in single android smartphone. There should various app and tricks are available on the internet which claims that to lock USB flash drive security to their folder it doesn’t happen, While after researching the various apps and tricks and examine them by using i am find that so which helping you to lock the folder in windows mostly for ” windows 10 encrypt folder “. 

windows 10 encrypt folder

Password Protect Folder

No matter what kind of content should you keep it on your computer or laptop. You well know about this, Perhaps you have most important photo,video and file that you didn’t want to share by accidentally the others will not do misuse of your data. Locking a folder was an simple barrier which puts a basic level of protection but while doing some technique it will open easily. Yet the folder would be easily accessible to you but not for others, When you need something in the folder you should simply entered he password and it will unlock and open the folder.

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Windows Encrypt Folder With Password Protection

If you have windows operating system then you should have right to use this tricks because in others it will not working flawlessly. If you have issue of how to put a password on a folder windows 10 or how to make password for folder in simple step so you should keep going on the way you should follow the step below and solve your problem easily.

  • firstly you should open your browser and open your drive from where you should have keep your file and click right on the mouse on your chosen file and get select the option “Properties” by sliding down the menu.                                                                                                               how to password protect a folder
  • after click on the properties you should see the various detail and option was their of your related file, you should click it on the “Advanced“.                                                                                                             folder lock for windows 10
  • after that you should click ok on the option “Encrypt contents to secure data“.                                                password protect files
  • Then you should click to apply when prompted, choose  weather you should want all the folders within the directory which have been encrypted and click OK on them. It takes some time to completing it while once done it will help to protect your data to the others.

Password creation with 7Zip

  • While doing this you should require to decompress the folder to use it, You should navigate to the download page for 7Zip and choose between them which support to your computer. In my suggestion you should have to choose the option of 64-bit x64 for windows and get download it and installed them.
  • After that you should again go to your folder which you want to do password lock by using with 7Zip interface and then also open your file and click the left top most green option named as Add and drag it the folder on them.folder lock for windows
  • While doing this there should various pop should come on your window you should ignore them by cancel, then you should select the option zip by drop down the menu directly besides the archives format option to ensure the folder will be remain compatible on the computers without 7-Zip.
  • Then you should entered your password same in the both column of the text field located on the window right hand side and click OK button to finishing them and allow to compressed the utility to create it.                                                                                                                          how to make password for folder
  • After creating password on 7Zip the file which you have been created, so you should make sure that by checking it by putting password on it where should your file have been save if it is work it will be seen like in the photo below which i have providing to you. Once you know the password will work then you should don’t worry about seeing the data without informing you.                                                                                                           how to password protect a file in windows 10

If you forget your password, or some other problem which doesn’t remind you what to do, You can simply click on the reset password link on 7Zip. Then you entered the various process while when you creating the the password, If it is match to the information you should provide to them it will easily unlock your folder and create a new password.


Finally in this session for how to put password on a folder to protect your data with others from whom which you didn’t want to share it. I have presented you every single details which was related to this post, i have also guided to safe and simplest method to all of you. If we talk about he tricks it was an fine alternative to manually created folder locker for anyone who doesn’t have an confidence to carry out the procedure. If you don’t like it, easily you can remove or add program and file on your computer by uninstalling it on the windows control panel.

I hope you should like this article, So in this article you can follow the step process which i provide to you if it is create any problem then you should messages it on the comment box. keep sharing this article to your friends and subscribed my website for some more new tricks and tips, thank you guys.

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