Run as Administrator not working in Windows [ How to Fix ]

Windows operating system is one of the most popular operating system in the world and it used my most of user in their Personal computer and Laptop. So if some time in windows your run as administrator windows 10, 8, 7 or other not working properly or cant run as administrator. The reason is the operating system will not accept he admin commands to software in windows run. So for accepting how to run command prompt as administrator windows 10 keep read this full article.  I will share all the reason that windows 10 run command or windows 10 administrator privileges which will help you.

If you know for run any games apps or software there option will be appear named run as administrator without clicking it doesn’t installing in your device. Is your not working run as administrator in your windows Computer and you get worry about that. And if you see most of people when the run as administrator not working they start finding the solution to solve the problem or they go to the service center and spend money for a normal issue. So don’t worry here i have share a post which will solve your problem easily and you didn’t need to spend money or finding other solution for them.

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How to Fix Run as Administrator 

If you see there was various method which you have to know because these are minor problem which we doesn’t see and it create problem for us. Follow the step which i shared here and fix the run as administrator when it not working in your windows computer.


run as administrator windows 10  

If you have a antivirus in your device like Norton, Quick Heal, Bitdefender and others in your device. So you need to disable it when you installing or run as administrator any application in your device. Because Antivirus software create security or restriction to not uninstalling suspicious file which are suitable for your PC. For that time you need to disable the antivirus for sometime and when it install the application again enable it. This was an first issue which will common for everyone when you installing the not fully secured software in the computer. 

Unnecessary Software and Apps

how to run command prompt as administrator windows 10

This was an another problematic issue which was faced by everyone, The reason is when you download and install the outsider games , apps and software in your device. You will forget to remove it permanently in your device only you delete it not uninstall it. That’s why its file not remove it permanently and it work as malware so when you install another software the run as administrator will not working properly. So simply go to your your control panel and search install software option and click to open. Then search the software which you have been install in past and click them to uninstall it. Solve this issue or fix it and your run as administrator will start working again.

Clean Windows Boot

windows 10 administrator privileges

Some time when you launch the start up, then there should be chance of extra process the malware will be added. So make sure that you should clean it from your windows device otherwise it will create restriction for you. And your Run as administrator will be not working in your computer or laptop. So simply you can go to the windows  search option and type system configuration or you can use a shortcut key. Press windows key + R and run dialog page will open where you have to enter msconfig and system configuration page will be open. Now go to the service option and downside you see a option hide all Microsoft service option so click them. After that again click the disable all option and all the start service will be disable and now you can use it run as administrator. 

Group Membership Change

cant run as administrator

If you have a multiple administrative account so sign in with your administrator account because sometimes it will not accept the other administrator account. so simply you can search it netplwiz in your windows search menu task bar then you should go to the group membership option. And select the administrator option and click the OK button and save it and then go re-sign it in your computer and check run as administrator.


So guys these are the method which will help you to use again run as administrative not working in your laptop. These are simplest and easiest method to do it on your device but here not over if there was various other method. Like booted method, command method which was very tricks to do, the problem is that if you miss any step or process it may be chance of complete data lose in your device. So if you are want to know that method please comment it down i will try to share this method to you with full guide. I hope you should love this post get subscribe my post for new update, thanks for reading.

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