Phoenix OS for Windows PC Download

If you getting bored for using the old operating system in your PC or you want to use android apps and games. So you are right place so here i am sharing phoenix OS or phoenix simulator which will give you new operating experience in your Windows PC. So here you can know how to phoenix download or how to install phoenix os. I have shared the all exe file download of ponix or os image where you can easily download it. I have share a phoenix OS installation guide and phoenix OS system requirement which will help to do all process easily. The two version will be available for there user was is android latest version 5.0 free download and android latest version 7.1 free download with different bit.

What is Phoenix OS

It was an Android based operating system which you can installed it on your any drive and get access of all the android apps easily on the windows PC. Phoenix  OS will be enhanced your personal computer operating based into the android platform which was suitable for the large screen device, laptop, desktop computers and a smart tablets. The phoenix OS will be designed by the phoenix crops which hosted locally to assure good downloaded speed for you. Also read Proxies for Web Scraping know or How to Download Any video on Hot star Permanently.

Features of Phoenix OS

If you see there was various same OS hardware available on the market or on a internet but in all of them some of them are good to use. But if we talk Phoenix OS it will give to their user as easiest and safest interface experience of android in the Desktop or laptop. Many people are using phoenix in their PC but some of the features which they never know while using it at long time. So here some most amazing features which i shared below which you can know it and use it for own work.

File Manger or File Management 


The Phoenix have there own file management which have there own customize logo of different apps in there store. It supports a file category, universal search, LAN access and along with the mouse support. If you see it will gives a easy and classic PC experience in the PC or laptop. One thing is common like windows in the Phoenix is it will gives same shortcuts button on the left side, by this you can easily interact with that app or folder. For example if you want to you use music, videos, images or files mostly you can easily access it same extension of that file in the drive. 

Clones Apps


It was an best features of the Phoenix OS because sometime you want to do multiples things with single app. for example if you want to use  two whatsapp account in them one for personal and one for public but due to single app downloading limit you can’t do it. So here phoenix provide a clone app feature which help to clone the same app in your device and you can easily access it by two different account in the PC or laptop.

Google Play store

os image

It support a pre installed google play store which help to download directly from there store which you can use it only in android. By installing all favorite games apps and others in laptop or PC you can use it without creating any issue. This will very useful for PUBG player because it will provide an emulator to play that android games in PC and get experienced about PUBG by playing the games.

Shortcut support

It support a multiple shortcut key which will help you direct access the task by commanding with there keyboard. By this it will help you to direct any app task file or any other thing very easy because sometime you want to do that work very fast but it will time consuming process. So by using the shortcut key you immediately do that work in their PC or laptop. If you see there was various shortcut key for using different task like taking screenshot, Bluetooth on/off, brittleness, volume up/ down and many others.

Multi Windows Settings

phoenix simulator

It provide a multiple things to do on the phoenix because it support a multiple windows which you not find in the other software. If you work on single windows and recently you reminds to do another work so by clicking on the home menu you can work on the next windows. There was various others thing which you can find it you can see on the screenshot which i shared above.

Notification alerts

phoenix OS

It works same as windows to notify all the task which will done on your computer, In Phoenix it also available to get notify you after different intervals. It will help you know what should we done or not with that task which will create problem for your PC. For example if you downloading any movie and you want to see get notify  you when it be done so it will happen in the phoenix.

How to install and Use the Phoenix OS in Windows

If you are doing installation process of phoenix OS on your PC then you can do it by your primary windows by OS unbootable. If you doesn’t know how to do this in the boot manger system. So Let’s start the installing process of phoenix OS but while staring you should make sure that you can follow the all steps same which i shared below.

  • Firstly you should open your browser and search the latest version of Phoenix OS or you can directly access that page by clicking on the link which i provide below.                                                                                                                   
  • After that you will see the phoenix dashboard interface where you can find a link of downloading. It will be Exe Installer (For Windows) which you have to click for download the file in your device. But while installing you have also choose file based android means according to supporting version it will  be installed and run. So if your computer system will be 32- bit or installer-v1.6.1 then you will download phoenix OS based on android 5.1, but if your system will be 64- bit or installer-v3.6.1 then you have to download phoenix OS based on android 7.1. You can also see in the screen shot which i shared below to take idea what should you do before downloading the phoenix.                                                                                                                                        phoenix download 
  • After that downloading then go the downloading option and click to installed it on your device. So by click right on run as administrator it will start the process.
  • After that you will see the phoenix OS page will be pop up on the screen and it will ask you a permission for installing or not. There was an three option which you can see the first one is install which will all data stored in your PC. The second option will U- Disk in which you can installed it by through your pen drive. Last will be uninstalled option which help you delete it permanently in your device without storing any backup for installing in the device.  You have to click the install option to get installing it on your drive.                                                                                                                     how to install phoenix os 
  • After that next option will be appear of in your hard drive where you want to installed it on your drive means C, D, F, G or I. after selecting click the next option which you can see also in the the screenshot.                                                                                                                                                          exe file download                                 
  • After that it will ask a size of data stored in your device means what ever you apps or games will be downloading from playstore they need a memory to store. So according to size which you want on your PC you can select that option and click to install.                                                                                 phoenix OS installation guide  
  • You will see it will installing the file in your drive, so wait for a minute to do all task of installation or compress the phoenix OS images on you drive.                                                                                                                                                                              phoenix OS system requirement  
  • After completing the installing process another page should be pop up on the screen. It will ask a permission of reboot now but while doing this task you should make sure that you should already save the all data or which you should work on it.                                                                          android latest version 5.0 free download                
  • Before rebooting your system you will see a menu will be appear on the screen named as boot menu. From there you have to select the phoenix OS and click to installed new operating system in your windows PC or laptop.                                                                                                                       Clones Apps 
  • After that it will start booting your device and customize the setting in the PC and you see it processing.                                                                                   Features of Phoenix OS                                   
  • After that you have to select the languages in which you want it. So by drag the option you can select it and click to the next option.                                                                                                                      android latest version 
  • After that you should have to click the user license agreement by clicking the option, In this there was various term and condition given which you have see.                                                                                                               operating system 
  • After that connect your WiFi or any internet connection to your device to your PC and create an account and then login in to them.                                                                                                                           personal computer 
  • Finally all done you will entered in the Phoenix OS interface, Now download all the apps and games which you want in your device and enjoy it.                                                                                                                                         Desktop


I hope you should enjoy to read this post, now you can get a another option of using new Operating system in your PC which you can use as android purpose. Play any of games and download any apps in your drive and enjoy it. The best thing is that was Phoenix is a free tool which you can use it, You should not to pay any money for using at long time. One thing  i recommended you that while downloading the phoenix make sure that you have 2 GB data to use it. Otherwise it will create problem in downloading of phoenix, So subscribe my channel for new post update.

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