Net speed monitor for windows PC

Today every windows PC or laptop comes with the native internet bandwidth manger which help you know the net speed monitor. It not means its comes with the pre install app or software in the windows, For knowing the  netspeedmonitor you have download the third party software in the computer. Only windows will provide a help to do all task easily while installing the internet speed meter for PC. Without inbuilt bandwidth manger the speed meter for PC not working, So it was necessary to have bandwidth manger in PC.                                                                

internet speed meter

Everyone today using internet for buying, selling, promotion, entertainment and many others purpose. But sometime what happen when to do this task it create issue for you and you doesn’t know what was the reason. Many time your internet data will be ended or net speed will not working good so you doesn’t find the solution and worry about that. So here i have solution in this article i have shared a best net speed meter for PC and you can download internet speed meter for PC easily. The best thing is that its work on all version means internet speed meter for windows 10, internet speed meter for windows 8 and internet speed meter for windows 7.

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The question here arise that net speed monitor how to use windows 10, 8 and 7. I have shared a full guide which will help you know all the thing related the net speed monitor. For example how windows 10 show network speed on taskbar, how to download and install it, where it show windows 10 taskbar, How to know it display windows 10 and many others.  So while monitoring the internet speed meter you can get a idea what was a issue or know your file will be downloaded at with speed. 

Process to display internet speed 

There was various software available for checking internet speed meter for PC but i prefer the DU Meter internet speed checker. Because this tool was free to use for 30 days and you easily download and install it on your PC and laptop. But here problem is that it works free only 30 days after that you have to compulsory to purchase it. Otherwise it will not work in your computer, So there was one other way to use it. Simply you can uninstall the DU Meter and again Install it, Use again for 30 days so do same process when it happen to you and enjoy it. So here was process to download and install it on your device and see meter speed of internet live on the windows 7, 8 or windows 10 task manager.

  • Firstly open your any browser in your PC in which you want to download DU meter and search them or them you can download it from the link which i share below.                                                                                                                                                  DU Meter
  • After that you should go to the download option and click the DU Meter to installed it, Then a setup wizard page will be open on the screen and click the next option.                                                                           internet speed meter for PC 
  • After that another page will open named as welcome to DU Meter, Basically this will notify you what should you get when you purchase it from PC permanently Click NEXT.                                                                    download internet speed meter for PC 
  • After that graphical visualization page will be open you should again click the NEXT button.                                                                                                      windows 10 show network speed on taskbar                                                                                                                                 
  • Here another page will appear on the screen, It will ask a limit of total monthly network traffic on your PC . You should select it according to your choice but i prefer you 600 GB is more to use after selecting click NEXT to do further process done in your PC.                                                        net speed monitor                                                          
  • After that  it will installing the all file in your PC and wait for minute when it done congratulation page will pop up on the screen.                             internet speed meter for windows 10 
  • Finally it all done go to the DU Meter setting set it to task bar and it will start showing the net speed you used it on your computer or laptop.       

So guys these are method which will help to download and installed it DU Meter in your device. I think it was an simplest software of installing the internet speed meter  in your device. After installing now you check any downloading file that what speed to takes download the file. If you loved it this post then shared it to other who will need this meter in their PC and i am thanking you to read this post.                                                                  

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