Multiple timezone desktop clock for windows 10 latest

Every country have their different time zone and its work on different timezone. At home someone of your family have birthday or anniversary and you want to wish on them at a perfect time but due to of different time zone it create problem for you. So don’t worry here in post your problem got solved because i have shared clock widget windows 10 or desktop clock windows 10 to show multiple time zone clocks.

The world clock for desktop or two time zone clocks will help to know what time getting on the different country and make help to do work on the time. Even if it is was another country time because in windows 10 widgets there was an option or setting to add a multiple clock widget. In this tutorial you can also know how to add clock or clocks display at near the search bar windows 10. Also know step by step to follow you easily on their computer and take a idea to do display clock on desktop windows 10.

If you see many people share the tutorial of time zone clocks for desktop with the help of windows clock widget to add on the windows 10 search box. But mostly user will doesn’t understood it if you see the reason is may be the step or no picture with them that’s why it create problem for them. While here in my post i have share all the step simple and with the screen shot to get idea that to add windows clock with the help of widget for windows 10. Also make sure that when you follow all step by seeing by tutorial make sure that you will not miss any point otherwise you will not access the multiple clock. You can also read Google Crome Tips and Tricks or Net speed monitor for windows PC.

Method 1- Adding Multiple Clocks at Start Menu

Before starting the step make sure that your one country time will set as defaults and other will be done with the manually. For example i am adding a new clock of USA in my PC is Manually but the Indian time is saved as windows 10 clock widget.

  • Firstly tap to open your windows menu and search a Alarm & Clock option in the list.  You can also type it on the search box to find a corresponding result of Alarms & Clock.                                                                                 clock widget windows 10  
  • After that Alarm & Clock page open you will see a various option will available, Then you have click Clock option in them you will see a local time and date will display on the screen. Also with the pin location in the Map which you can see after clicking the option.                                                                      desktop clock windows 10                                       
  • After that you will see a option of + sign in the downside click on them to add a new time zone of different region or country.                                 multiple time zone clocks  
  • After that new box will be open just tap on them and enter a location into the box which you want. Means enter any of them which want to prefer like city, state or country name to add that place time.                                    two time zone clocks
  • After that select the region which you are searching on the tab and click on them to add it.                                                                                                     world clock for desktop 
  • After adding you will see a new time zone will be added to your clock, You will see there country name and time will start showing there . If you see it was also show a how many hours you are behind or forward to your default time zone. Then click the right button of mouse on the new time zone you will see a option of pin to start, Click on them.                                                                                                 windows 10 widgets 
  •  After that another page will be popup on the screen and it will asking a permission to add the new time on the start tile. You should have to click the yes option.                                                                                                              multiple clock widget    
  • After that go your windows menu and tap to open it. You will see on the right side of menu a new time should be start seen.                                                                                                                                                      add clock                         
  • After that again go your alarm & clock option then you should click the primary clock or a local time. You will see a option appear pin to start click on them. While doing you should make sure that this process will done when your local time not showing there, But if show there then you doesn’t need to this process only you add and start new time zone in the  windows menu.                                                                                                          clocks display
  • After that click again on yes option to pin a tile into the windows.                                                                                                                     search bar windows 10 
  • After that go to your windows menu and click to open and you will see it will start showing. Same as i will do at different different time zone and add into the windows menu which you can see it on the screen shot which i shared below.                                                                                            display clock on desktop windows 10

So guys these are method which will help you add clock of different time into the windows start menu. Now you can easily add the clock on your desktop or laptop of different region easily, Only you have to follow the step which i shred above. 

Method 2- Adding Multiple Clocks at TaskBar

This was another method which you have follow it was not same as which i shared in method 1. So follow the step and add clocks in the task bar of different timezone. While doing these in task bar make sure that you can add only two new clocks or time zone which you can see easily. If you want more than two clock to see then you need to follow the first method.

  • Firstly go to your windows menu and search a control panel on the corresponding result.                                                                                                             time zone clocks for desktop                          
  • After that you should click on them to open in computer and then again click the clock and region option.                                                                                     windows clock widget  
  • After that another page will be open, you have to select the Add clocks for different time zones in the Date and Time option.                                                    windows 10 search box 
  • Another page will be open in the Date &Time option , You will see there was various option appear you have to click additional clock. Then you add the first clock so clicking on the show this clock box.                                                                                                                                 windows clock                        
  • After that select the time of which place you want to entered it on your task bar. If you doesn’t see your place then you will select the time by scrolling down in the list which you see in them.                                                                                                widget for windows 10                    
  • After that you should enter the name which you want to show for example i have named Clock 1 in the option of enter display name. You can also named it according to name of that place for better understanding while when you see it in the task bar.                                                                                          Multiple timezone desktop clock                             
  • After that select the second show of clock option to entered the second clock in the task bar. Again named it according to choice which want to show it when you see the clock.                                                                                                      windows 10 clock widget                                  
  • After that click the apply option which you can see in the screenshot which i shared below.                                                                                                        Multiple Clocks                      
  • After that click the OK option and all done.                                                                                                                                  Windows menu                              
  • Finally go to your task bar and click the date and time option. You will see there will start showing time of two different region of time with your local time.                                                                                                                  time zone     

So guys these are the step which will help you do add multiple time zone in your PC or laptop. There was two method which help to add the time but the difference is in first method you can multiple clock which you see it on the Windows menu. But the second method will work to add only two clock which you can see  on the task bar. Otherwise all are same so if you liked this post subscribe my post for new update i will share to my website.

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