How to install Windows on Android Phone

Hi friends today i am back with new tricks where you can know that how to run windows program on android or run windows apps on android. So in this tutorial we have a full guide which create help to all of you who want this do it. As day by day android user are shifting to different operating system because they want to experience something new so that’s why they choose windows mobile. Otherwise they sell there android mobile and buy windows mobile but some people doesn’t afford it to buy new mobile so here some step in this tutorial which will help you how to install windows on android phone. You can also know how to change my software 7 edition or change my software 8 edition to install android sdk ubuntu.

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how to install windows 10 on android device

The sound how to install windows 10 on android device is unrealistic but it happen or actually many user will do it but not only windows 10 but in others also like  windows XP/7/8/8.1 on android device. You can actually installed windows operating system on android phone while in android lollipop, android kitkat or even latest android marshmallow. In fact you doesn’t need any technical knowledge to do this all process, while installing and running windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 7 or windows XP on the android device is dependent on a software named as change my software to run it. To run apk apk on windows with best android os for pc also while change my software has other functionalities but for now we are focusing the function on installing windows on android device. But starting the following the step, you have must some information which was required to run windows on android mobile. So let’s start without wasting any more time.


  • Android phone or tablets for changing the software.
  • High speed connection of an internet.
  • USB OR Data cable to transfer somethings.
  • Personal computer or Laptop.
  • 30 minutes time for doing this all process.
  • 5 GB free space required on android device while windows XP/7/8/8.1 or windows 10 download for android to run apk on windows.
  • File sharing software of best application like Share it or Xender file transferring for your app to the computer.
  • Limbo app for downloading windows software.

Process to run windows program on android 

STEP 1)- Download Limbo app

  • Firstly you should open you android phone and go to playstore and search Limbo PC emulator or you can download it from the link which was given below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Download Limbo
  • After that you should installed it on your smart phone.
  • After that you should open it Limbo PC Emulator QEMU ARM x86 , then you can see it the green button of the right side of the screen.
  • After that various setting should be done to use this so accept all the thing to access the app for downloading the windows software to run in android smartphone.

STEP 2)- Downloading any Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

  • firstly you should download the windows program on your device but if it is not downloaded in your device then you should enable the unknown sources.
  • So you go to the setting and tap to security option, then you can see multiple option there you choose a Unknown source to switch ok to promoted the Limbo app to download it.
  • After that you should open your crome browser to search it windows 8 IOS site by the link which i provide you here Microsoft.
  • While opening the link you should scroll down and select the operating system, So tap to select edition by drop down  the box and click on windows 8.1 to the edition.
  • After that it will open and choose a language by tap it to confirm on them and it will start download the page, It may be 32- Bit Download the option.
  • While downloading the window make sure it takes a hour to download it and have a high speed internet to downloading the task without any problem.
  • Finally wait for download the task and then you can process with adding the windows 8.1 file to the Limbo folder.

STEP 3)- Adding Windows 8.1 to limbo

  • open your file explorer app on your smartphone, If you didn’t have a built in file explorer app then download it from playstore.
  • then go to your storage where you search your windows 8 File to the location where they are.
  • After you copy or move the file in the limbo folder, it takes a few minute to add them.
  • And then you should restart your smartphone to show limbo folder shows up to use it or run it the windows 8.1 file in your device.

STEP 4)- Run Windows 8.1

  • Again you should open your Limbo app on your device to run it.
  • so while opening it you can see acknowledge then click on it at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then you will promoted to the main limbo page when you tap ok to prompted option.
  • After that you should see right side at up and tap the Load Machine in the Limbo app drop- down box.
  • After that you see a new window open and then you should enter your name whatever you want (eg- windows 8.1) for your operating system.
  • After that change the CPU model by taping in the option Qemu32 menu.
  • After that you should select the RAM Memory by Tap on it icon, Then tap at least 512 or if you handle using a gigabyte so you Tap 1024.
  • You can see in them a Hard disk box in the storage. so you can paste the selected file window 8.1 in them and click ok on them.
  • After that it will start installing the window on your android phone it take a several minute to get installing it.
  • lastly all process done and finally you should enjoy the Windows on your android phone and your phone interface change into windows dashboard and you can enjoy it.

This was some step which you have follow if you are interested to change android program into windows. The choice is your if you are uncomfortable to using windows then you go to Limbo app and restore it to original one and then change the window interface into android interface.


That’s all guys i have given you a full guide to how to run windows program into android one, It was an save and easy method to do this. I hope you all have a problem regarding this for a long time so here in this tutorial i have given a full guide in easy and defined way to get access it. There was some step which you have to follow for doing this. I hope you find something helpful in this post, so keep sharing this article to your friends, family and others. If you have any problem regarding this article you should comment it on the comment box and subscribe my website to notify you when i upload a new article on the website. thank you friends.

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