[ 100% Working ] How To Install Dolby Atmos On Android 2018

How to Install  Dolby Atmos in any Android Devices

Hi Friend I am back with new tricks, Today i am sharing you to how to install the Dolby Atmos App on any android device. As we know that at present time mostly people are listen to music through iPod, mobile, tablet for good experience but they didn’t satisfied with them inbuilt music system. There was also mostly people listen to free music or listen to music online, But if you are listen to music of any song, you might be created issue or problem of there sound or their voice for which we always didn’t satisfied with them because of limited in terms of its audio power on your android devices. In the market there should lots of advanced features keyword smartphone but the quality of audio will never  should be center of attention. So, if you want to advancing your smartphone sound quality then you should install “dolby atmos apk” in your smartphone. there should various app was available on the playstore but they didn’t compare with sound quality of dolby apk sound quality. You can also see how to download MX player with custom codec & install flash custom ROM on android devices.

Dolby Atmos App

What is Dolby Atmos

It was an new audio format which created for play back multi channel movie soundtrack. In this there should have a devloped a more than three dimensional effect which gives a movie theater sound. Dolby atmos was name of surround sound technology which was announced by the Dolby Laboratries,The dolby atmos download through Google not at playstore because of some restriction. The dolby atmos enables the sound bar or home theater system can bring the magic to your living room.

How to install Dolby Atmos on Android Smartphones.

There was some few devices which have preinstalled the dolby atmos in-built but the other have didn’t. So don’t be worry about this today i am share you a latest way to get dolby apk free download on any android device.To improving dolby audio download was also enhanced you, There was two ways to dolby atmos download and installed. The first method will required rooted method or root access to run and the second method was non-rooted method to your device to run adm apkpure.

Install Dolby Atmos Apk on Android {without Root}

To use Dolby Atmos many people was didn’t want to root there android smartphone. If you are Non- Rooted then you can get access while installing Dolby apk. there was some few requirement while installing it.


  •  Dolby Atmos file.
  • music player ( anyone required ).
  • Android Phone which was without rooted.

Step 1)=  Firstly you should download Dolby Atmos apk file at on your android smartphone. The link should be given below

Dolby Atmos

Step 2)= After that you should reboot your phone for the installing the apk file.

Step 3)= After that you should go to your music player which ever you have been installed in your phone.

Step 4)=And disable the equalizer on the default mode to on your music player you have been opened.

Step 5)=Finally you should enjoyed your favorite song through connecting to the headphone.

Install Dolby Atmos Apk on Android { with root }

To install Dolby Atmos there should needed root to run or install by flashing a zip file to enjoy amazing sound quality on your music. there should also needed some requirement which was given below


  • dolby atmos zip file.
  • Rooted Android phone.
  • custom recovery installed needed.
  • proper knowledge of custom recovery.

Step 1)= Firstly you should download dolby atmos zip file which was given below

dolby atmos zip

Step 2)= After that you should installed your dolby atmos zip which you should download your zip file on your phone.

Step 3)= After that you switch off your android devices and you should wait for sometimes for access granting.

Step 4)= After that you should boot your device into the recovery mode by clicking power<volume< home button.

Step 5)= After that you should install from the option.

listen to free music

Step 6)= After that you should select the sd card zip file while installing dolby atmos on your devices.

dolby atmos apk

Step 7)= After that you should select the zip file on sd card while installing dolby atmos apk file.

dolby apk

Step 8)= After that you should recovery flash that on your phone and wait  for a few second to complete it and then you should reboot your android devices and then you enjoy it at your android device.

 listen to music online

Finally the all step done and then you can enjoyed it, So this was the easy step to installing Dolby Atmos app on your Android devices by both method and then you should enjoy the beats with good quality of headphones.

How to uninstall Dolby Atmos from your android devices

Sometimes many people want to remove Dolby Atmos app to their android devices for their personal reason, So while uninstalling the app the people will not do right process at which the app should not remove properly on your mobile. So here i am sharing you to simple steps to to uninstalled it properly to your devices, keep follow my step which was given below.

  1.  Firstly you should have to download the Uninstall.zip file and get installed it to your android devices. The link should be given below                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dolby Atmos Uninstall zip
  2. After that open file file which you have been installed and then you should go to the recovery mode.
  3. and then you should click and install the navigate at the folder after open uninstall zip file.
  4. After that you should select the swipe option to the flash at zip file.
  5. and last you successfully flashing, rebooting your devices.
Final Verdict

In Dolly Atmos for Android there should some basic requirement needed for using it in your devices. Dolby is the once who bringing the thrilling impact of the listing music, watching video which feels a theater sound on it. The Dolby Atmos, offers the latest surround sound technology which have a new level depths and realism that will make song and video more immersive and exciting to us. For running dolby atmos equlizer apk their should required some version like Lollipop, Kitkat, Gingerbread, Nought, Jellybean, Marshmallow. I think you should enjoy this tricks keep follow my sites for new stuff, If you have any querry about this tricks you should comment bellow on the box. Thank you friends.

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