How to increase your RAM (Random Access Memory) on Mobile.

Increase RAM in android without root

Their was most of the people using Android smartphone, And every smartphone have internal and external memory which help to store data of that mobile which we use called as android free memory. The one of the most important thing in mobile is RAM, So the first question come on mind what is ram on a phone. Basically RAM is Random Access Memory which works as a data storage and it will store the data and the machine code currently being used. It allow data items to be written or read in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the time physical location of the data at inside the memory.

how to use sd card on android

If we talk about the android user, They faced several times issue like lack of sufficient space in the smartphone but there was space in the memory that’s why there should not run useful application in the smartphone because all application run on the internal memory named as RAM and also due to low ram it reduced the mobile performance to do work anytime . So if have issue how to increase internal memory of android phone or how to get more internal storage on android phone then i have a solution increase ram on android phone by swap ram android to SD card so keep reading this article. Why the RAM space is too low, The reason behind them was the out dated version of android operating system for which most of the updated application functioning complicated & works out improperly.

How to use SD card on Android

To increasing RAM with using SD card it not means to plugin the SD card with maximum GB in your smartphone and your smartphone RAM will be extended to the limit which you want. It was not possible for a every person to increase RAM there was some step and process should be done to increase the RAM but if you not do exact the guidelines it been risky and need to be professional to change the hardware. And also SD card will be important part which play important role to increase RAM in your smartphone. Many people have also issue how to check ram in android phone after increasing it, so it this tutorial you also know this in simple and easy way which solve the all confusion related this.

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Using Roehsoft RAM Expender in Android Mobile

It was free app which was used to increase the RAM by using the SD card on the android mobile. In roehsoft RAM expender apps you should never entering any command to expand the memory, They main issue of this app was is there was an limit to expand memory or if you want to increase the RAM more than the limit so you need to buy this app. If we say there was many site who provide a roehsoft ram expender app file but while when you go to download it doesn’t happen so in this tutorial i am also provide a app which will help you directly download the app. I have also personally tested the app in my old mobile that it was working or not then i will share this app to all of you, So after starting the process their was some requirement needed to do which will help you when while starting the step.


  • SD card of 4 class or you should take higher than.
  • Rooted Android smartphone in which you want to increase RAM.
  • Personal Computer for technical support while installing is running.
  • Kernel with supporting support, it will help to see your phone swap memory or not, while installing the memory it will check your phone will swap or not.
Process to Increase RAM using Roehsoft Ram Expander
  • Firstly open your browser and search Roehsoft Ram Expander (SWAP) App on the smartphone . If you want to download free it directly from the link below or you can download from other site by paying it money.                                                              ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP)
  • After that you should installed the app and then launch the app while opening the app it will ask permission to grant root access it will happen on rarely case otherwise it run without the root. So if you rooted then give permission now click to proceed on next step.
  • After that you see Swap Activ option on the screen you should click on them, then it will show show storage devices, You should select the memory card which you entered in the mobile after that you should click again on Swap Activ button.                                       how to increase internal memory of android phone
  • After that you should follow instruction on screen for create swapping which you having choosing, You can only Minimum 512 mb swapping is recommended. It will take some time to done all process so here it help by your memory class means if their was higher class then it will perform faster or if they are slower class it will perform slower that’s why i prefer you class 4 memory or higher to use in this process.
  • After doing the above process then you again click the Swap option and it all done.

Now it all done, You can play heavy games and apps on your mobile because due to off increasing RAM in the mobile you can access the all apps in the smartphone of the high MB. After you should go to the setting and then go the apps option and see the RAM but it will not show the increasing RAM in the mobile because the all process should be done in the Roehsoft Ram Expander app that’s why it will not show in the setting but it will increase the RAM so you can run heavy Games or Software and boast the android performance.

what is ram on a phone

That’s all guys it will be the easiest way to expand the internal memory. If you want to do all process flawlessly by using this app then you can choose the Microsoft android mobile but it’s not mean that it will not work this tricks in others also do but its take some time do all process in the smartphone.

Final Verdicts

For a  long period of time many people have question that how do i clean my ram on my phone so they delete some apps and games on the mobile to run some big apps on the mobile or they search the various apps on the google playstore to increase the apps. So do not worry about this i have a solution of your problem i have share a best tricks which will help you to solve the issue and increase the RAM in your mobile. If you have any query regarding this article you should message it on the comment box and subscribe my website for new post notify you. Thanks for visiting my site.

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