Improve GPS accuracy in android device [How to Fix]

Hello friends, Are your smartphone not show location accuracy or a perfect location fix. So don’t worry this tutorial was related to this which will help you to fix. As we know every one will using tracking device for their personal use and day by day increasing because it will help in different work. Like car GPS tracker, motorcycle GPS tracker or smartphone GPS tracker which help you to navigate to target. It will popup location to find the thing easily without taking worry of getting lost that things.

The GPS device will work with the position plus GPS or GPS visualizer in the android device to get accurate android location.  Same as work in the hidden GPS tracker for car or motorcycle, So i will share tricks and step which will you follow it and get high accuracy GPS in your device. By this you can use your whats app for sending location or posting post on Facebook or various apps and game using in your device very accurately. All the method which shared here if you see and do all are working not as like other who doesn’t work in device when you follow them same as on your device. Also read Stylish profile picture of Girls for Facebook & Whats app or How to fix Messenger when Video Call Get Error.

How does GPS work

The first question come in mind that what does GPS stand for or GPS meaning, So its full form is Global Positioning System. Its  operated by satellite based radio navigation system which was run by the USA  government. Its work by network system by with the help of 30 satellite orbiting on the earth altitude. The android device simply send signal to receiver named as GPS and they transmit the data of your location and send it to your android device.

Various way to improve GPS

If you see there was various method which will help you to improve your GPS in your android device. The step which i shared below it was an easy and simple which you can follow it on your android device, So let’s start.

GPS Accuracy Settings

what does GPS stand for

In this tricks you have check the GPS will accessing the which location mode. In GPS setting you will see there was three location mode avialble named as device only, battery saving and High accuracy. Mostly of the smartphones will set defaults on battery saving mode, So here you have to changed the the setting. Simply you have to open the notification center and click long press on the GPS icon. The GPS page will be open then you have to select the High accuracy mode if it was default run on Battery saving mode. And while doing this setting i will inform you that each smartphone have there own model so it may be Chance of other option the GPS.

Turn on/off location History

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This was an tricky step to do in your device because both have other aspect to use. If you have a gmail account and you can use it google account in a single android device then you will do turn on the location history. But if you have single google account and using it at multiple device then it will create problem for you. So there you should turn off your location history, Because there may be chance of mixed up your location at create problem to GPS. So simply go tour GPS setting and scroll down you will show a option google location history. Click on them you will see a page will be open and at a downside you will show a option location history. According to your device you can turn and off your location history in your android device.  

Always updated your phone

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The first method is always get update our phone because phone software keep monitored with the latest bugs which will create in our phone. So while updating or get updated with new software it will not create a problem and your GPS accuracy will also maintain. So simply you should go to your setting and then go to about phone and then click on the system update. If there was new update will come click to update otherwise nothing you have to do.

Turn on/off your mobile data 

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Sometime the network will create problem for you so simply go to your mobile data option and click to off the data and again on your data. It may be chance of navigation will start working accurate when you do something with the help GPS in your android device.

 App location permission turn on

navigate to target

If you see some app or games will not working well after installing the apps because sometime we not turn on the app location permission. So simply go the setting and then go Apps option where will you see that permission option. You have to click on them, then you should see there was various app will be appear so select the app which you want to allow location click on them. Finally go to your apps or games which will not run properly and again check it, You will see it will start running the apps.

Clear Cache Data from device 

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Clear cache data is important for every smartphone because while accessing something on internet we will get access some malware or any threats in the device. So for checking and removing the treats the cache data will helpful for you. By this it will help you to get access a good accurate GPS location in your device or using to others. You can also clear single MAP app cache data or a other particular app in your device. So simply download any clear cache app in your device through playstore and clear all the cache when you need to do. 

Always Update your MAP Apps

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Navigation app or MAP which you used in your device make sure that you will keep update your phone. Because sometime your GPS will not working the reason behind them was is this that why keep update your phone. It was not compulsory that you will use it factory add google map in your device you can use a others MAP available on the google play store. And always update your phone to use the GPS in their app and get access a right location correctly.

Final Verdicts

I hope it was much to get accuracy in the GPS on any android device by doing this various process which i shared above. So follow all the step and improve location accuracy with using any other apps or software in your device. If you know some other method please text me below on the comment box, I will try to add your idea in the post. If you not subscribe my website go and subscribe it for new tutorial update when i shared it to all my viewers.

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