June 4, 2023

Hi friends today i am sharing most trending and useful tricks to you. Here in this article you can know how to recall or delete sent messages on your whatsapp or how to recover deleted whatsapp messages on android by doing some simple step. As we know that at that whatsapp is the most popular application of the social media. So by mistake if your important messages have in your phone whatsapp app by mistake you will deleted the data and there was no option you know then there should have you create problem. So don’t worry about this, Here in this post i have a tricks which solve the problem easily so keep read the full article.

If you see mostly people have issue that how to recover whatsapp chat which has been deleted or it doesn’t seen by you in the chat history. So many people while find solution by whatsapp chat recover software or at google where there was lots of the option available but the problem here create. Many people doesn’t know which was the best and save way to restore whatsapp backup from google drive or other way. So here it was chance to loss your data from your mobile while creating backup of deleted message.

If you see most of the people search on google like how can i get my deleted whatsapp chat historyhow to get chat history on whatsapphow to recover deleted whatsapp messages on androidhow to restore whatsapp chathow to recover deleted whatsapp messages on samsung or any other which create problem all time and many others. But every one have a common issue of  how to backup whatsapp chat history which has been deleted. So here in this article you can easily recover your deleted data with secure way by using whatsapp chat history recovery software or by any others way which you see below.


The WhatsApp user at that time was million and day by day it will increasing because have its feature and benefits. In such of them many share or talk with other through messages, photos or videos. Sometimes they share their important data or files through the whatsapp but what happen when you by mistake delete it or some technical fault your messages or data will be no show more and then you get worried. So be patience i have a trick which will help you recover or retrieve deleted whatsapp messages.

Method to restore Whatsapp deleted messages

Here below i have share the two method which will help you to restored the deleted messages. If you see each have there own method to restore the messages, So it depend upon you which will help to you that if you doesn’t create backup you can choose first method or if you create backup on your device you can choose the second method which was given below.

Restore Whatsapp deleted messages by less recent backup

This will work when you will not able to create any backup on your device because as you know that whatsapp will doesn’t store the backup until you not do backup by yourself on your mobile. So this method will very helpful to you.

  • Firstly you should have download and install the file manger app through play store.
  • After that you should open the file manager which you have already installed it on your mobile, then open the internal storage or phone storage and then search whatsapp in the various option which you can see on it and open them and lastly find the database inside the whatsapp.
  • After that rename the backup file which you wish to restore from the msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 to msgstore.db.crypt12. While doing this you should make sure that do not change the number of the crypt extension while it was possible to that earlier backup which may be on the earlier protocol like crypt9 or crypt 10.
  • Lastly uninstall the whatsapp and then install the whatsapp and wait for minuted it will asked you restore the backup and clicked on it. Your all messages will be stored on your device, then go open that chat you can see it on your mobile.

Restore Whatsapp deleted messages from google drive backup

This method will done when you do create backup while at google drive when you first time installed it on your device. While save the backup file on your whatsapp which you can do it for a particular time according to choose it on them. you can change it the time of restoring backup on whatsapp messages according to your choice which you want like daily, weekly and monthly.

  • Firstly you should have to uninstalled the whatsapp which you used it on your device.
  • After that you should reinstall the whatsapp on your device and sign in at your particular number which you want to read the deleted messages.
  • Finally click to restore option which you can see after getting sign in and wait for a minute it takes some minute to restore the data. Once done you can go that particular people messages and see what they have been written.

While doing this you should make sure that only backup will done to the particular mobile in which you have been create backup of same operating system. In this method if your recent data will not create a backup while deleting the whatsapp you should never create the backup or not able to restore it. So make sure that you should create backup while uninstalling the whatsapp. You should also make sure that while reinstalling the app and sign it  to that number and you skip the restore step you will never recover the data So make sure you should click the restore the option while installing the whatsapp.

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