How to know which is Best Antivirus for You

Today technology is going advanced, Every one moving to the digital world. Most of people will using PC, smartphone and tablets in their daily life because there store all data in the form of digital form but here the problem will create is in my device that do i have a virus. There was hackers also have in the world who stole there data by doing hacking in their device. You doesn’t know how this happen to you and you always be worry about that what to do with cyber crime. You can also see How to Download Mp3 from YouTube or Stylish profile picture of Girls for Facebook & Whats app.

If you see many people have issue that how to remove virus from phone, how to remove virus from Samsung mobile or how to remove virus from laptop without antivirus. you will get various result related to antiviruses but you get confusion on choosing right antiviruses for you. So here i have selected some best buy antivirus which help you know can android phones get virus or iphone or Windows. 

You will also compare various antivirus to know who is best for you like bitdefender vs avast, windows defender vs avast, bitdefender vs avast or bitdefender anti ransomware. Some top antivirus which are using mostly named as norton security online to lookout mobile secuity login, virus protect from chromebook. The norton critiacal editiors will work at all type of device is that reason most love that to use it. but there was more others which works as same as Norton which you have to know and various others antivirus who online virus scan of your device but not useful for you.

how to remove virus from Samsung mobile

If you see there was various type of threats which will create problem like Virus, WiFi eavesdropping, Trojan, Malware and many others which you can see in details below. So here we need a antivirus which will help us to protect from outside of threats and provide safeguard to your devices. Basically all the threats comes from various thing like long connected internet, open suspicious file or site, Add threats drive in computer and many others things which create problem for you.


Types of Threats

Most of the people know that only virus is problem of cyber crime but here there was lots of threats which creates problem for you. So here i have selected some of them which was given below.


In this your information will steal by email or website address which was look like it come from the legitimate source.  In this the main objective is to access the personal information through infected links, control Bypass network access, attachment or traffic redistribute to do a denial-of-service attack. Basically it will recreates the website which are closely resemble authentic websites.


I think you should listen this treats somewhere, its basically name is Trojan Horse. It was an software or malicious code which control your computer and its look like legitimate. A Trojan was design as to steal, damage or inflict something which will harm your network or data while when you do something in internet. May be it will watch you on webcam or  It will delete your file or folder without giving any information to you. It record also all password, User ID and other personal information related you.


It was an type of program which execute when when replicates itself the modifying with others computer programs by inserting their own code. In other word we can say that the virus spread itself into the executable code or document which will infect the vulnerable system to get control the admin of sensitive or steal user data. It may also show unwanted ads on the device by access your web browser or unwanted place. 

WiFi Eavesdropping

It was an malicious WiFi network which was use by the hacker to  eavesdropping to the man in the middle attack that unsuspecting victims into the connecting. Basically eavesdropping will work by hacker on that place where we connect WiFi which was located at public place. This may be your hotels, restaurant, malls and many other place which automatically connect your device they should didn’t ask verification to access it. That’s why it was most common threats which will do fraud with you in your any device.


It was a type of malicious software or malware design which will deny to access the data of computer will be stored in the device. It was typically spread through the phishing mail or visit unknown websites. It will directly effect to your data stored in your device it create harm on that data which create problem for you because the data will at time waste less for you. The ransomware will be two type lock screen ransomware and encryption ransomware.


This will affect your device basically when you download a unknown app or freely available software to in your smartphone, laptop or PC. It will directly disrupting normal process which you done on your device with the help of Unnecessary advertisement. It will automatically pop up on the screen when you touch or do something with that adds it will do crash your device software. You can not do anything with the device and all data will stolen to your drive easily. 

Antivirus For Device

Here below i have selected some best best antivirus which you can use it on your device. You can also see the various details of all the antivirus which i have shared and according to your capability and you can get it. There are some more others antivirus which works as same which you can search it on the google but in all them i like these mostly. So let’s see below which i have selected here.

how to remove virus from laptop without antivirus

Feature of using Antivirus 

  • The antivirus will provide you protection from viruses, malware, spyware and various other threats and while deleting or removing the threats the antivirus will never harm your any data which will store on their any device.
  • It will control all web activity which will provide you harm on the device or antivirus software monitoring the web activity and limiting the unauthorized access from any online threats.
  • You can do quick or complete scan of your device to check to remove unknown threats will store on device or give scanning when alternate removable device should you attached it.
  • It will provide you an two way firewall which will help to give protection through incoming or outgoing mail on the internet and if they find any suspicious thing on transmission, they automatically block it.
  • You will also get a id and password protection which will help you to protect from third person to stolen the your data.
  • The antivirus will provide you speed on the system performance while when you doing the work on your device because it will delete automatically the unwanted file and folder from the device which will slow the performance of your device.

Above i have share the all details of different antivirus, You can choose it according to your choice which is best for you and which will run on your device. All the antivirus which you see this are top uses by user and get satisfied with them.

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