How to fix an SD card that will not Format

As we know that portable storage device like SD card and Pen Drive is very important for our daily life. Because in this we store a files that can be taken anywhere anyplace from where we need. A USB is a storage device that will included with the integrated USB interfaces. But sometimes if you want to format sd card android for fresh inside the usb storage it will not working to format sd card for android. If you see many people solve the problem of sd card formatting for android but when it come to PC windows unable to format sd card

Some times people will choose sd card want format in android but in them is int working so they choose a windows PC but from here they also create a problem. So here we need a command prompt to format when in computer windows was unable to complete the format. So here in this post you will how to format sd card if they unable to format sd card or how to fix an sd card that will not format. And also know what to do if not able to format sd card in Android and PC. Also read Best Barcode Scanner app for Android Smartphones or Download Freedom Apk latest version and get App Purchase Hack.

How to fix unable to format memory card 

Here i will share a various method which will help you fix unable to format memory card in the device. So follow the step which i will shared below and format sd without taking worry about that your sd card will be defective. 

Restart Android Smartphones

This was an first method of formatting the sd card which will help you to format it easily and it was common and simple method. So in this method you should simply restart your smartphones to fix the problem of format sd card in android device. Because sometimes sd card will loaded in the backgrounds some apps or processes which saved a defaults data. So for clear that data or for refresh it will necessary to restart the smartphone when you formatting the sd card.

Formatting SD card by computer

While if you formatting the sd card in your android device and it will not formatting the sd card. Then you need to use second method here in this method you will format the sd card with the help of your computer.  While doing this you will make sure that your sd card will in working condition because not working sd card will not work this tricks. You have to follow the step which i shared below and you can easily format your sd card in your device.

  • Firstly turn on your Computer or laptop and then you need to insert a sd card by using with the help of card reader. You can also connect your sd card by using USB cable with your smartphone.
  • After that when you insert the sd card or connect successfully with you computer. Then go to the sd card and click right on them, You will see a option of Format option click on them.                                                                                      format sd card android  
  • After that you will see a page pop up on the screen named as format sd card, In them you will see various option will be appear on the screen. You should have to click the File system and select the File FAT 32 by scroll down it. And when you find the option FAT 32 click on them.                                                                                                format sd card for android 
  • Finally click the start button and it will start formatting in your device, it takes some few minute to format the device. When it done it will show complete formatting on the screen

While formatting make sure that you will not insert or extract the sd card in the computer when you formatting it. Otherwise you will not able to format the sd card and repeat it the process.

Format SD card by CMD

In this method you will able to clear the sd card or format the sd card by with command prompt. This method will helpful when the both method of above which i share it will not working in the computer. Because this method will very tricks to use for format the sd card and this method will work only in the computer by connecting with the usb cable or card reader. In this method make sure that you will follow all the step which i shared it below, If you miss any of the command prompt the process will not work.

  • Firstly you should open your computer and laptop and get connect the sd card with them. Then click the start menu and enter the Command prompt to open CMD panel.                                                  unable to format sd card 
  • After that when it open you should type the Diskpart and click enter to go the drive option where a sd card will be linked in computer.                                                                                                          windows was unable to complete the format 
  • After that you should type list disk in the command prompt.                                  sd card want format 
  • After that you will see various drive will be seen on the screen, You should select the sd card drive in which you want to format. here i will select the Disk 1 to format so you will write select disk 1 and entered it.                                                                                                      how to format sd card
  • Lastly type the attribute disk clear readonly and click the enter button. It will start the process of formatting so wait for a minute, when it done exit from the command prompt and sd card will clear all data.                                                                                                        how to fix an sd card that will not format

So guys these are method which will help you to format the sd card easily. I will also share all the method and step which will help you follow the step same if you not get idea that what to do. If you see i will also share a screenshot which will help you to take idea for doing all the process at in your device. If your friends or family will not know this tricks you can also share this post to them to use solve the sd card formatting problems.


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