How to delete temporary or Cache data in Firefox

If your browser doesn’t work properly or you want to boast speed of Mozilla Firefox, so you are right place here i have shared a tricks which will help you to do boost speed of your browser. Many people know how to clear temporary internet files or how to delete chrome temporary internet files but when it come to Mozilla it create problem for them. Because in the google tool menu there was lots of option, So here i have share a guide to clear temporary internet files in your PC Mozilla browser. Also read How to retrieve Whats app deleted message on Android Device or Download latest GB Whatsapp app pro.

If you see there was various tutorial available on the google like where are temporary internet files stored, where are temporary internet files, how to find temporary internet files. But the problem is  mostly not working because Mozilla will update there browser and customize there dashboard for which the location of doing setting will be changed. If you see the post will outdated that’s why it create problem for you all the time when you want to clear it. So follow all the step and delete temporary internet files, clear temp files mac and more. 

The question here arise that what was the benefits of deleting permanently cache or temporary data. Mostly when you login in particular account like Facebook whats web gmail and any others internet login. Sometime you forget it logout so here by this process you can clear internet login from all the ways or you can say that clear internet permanently. 

Steps to clear the data

I will share the two method which will help you to clear the temporary data in your Mozilla Firefox browser. The only difference in both method was is one method you can do with manually and another method will done automatically. So according to your choice you can do it on your laptop or PC, so follow all the step which i shared below

Method 1 – Delete temporary data by manually

  • Firstly open your Mozilla Firefox browser in your Personal computer or laptop and click the horizontal line which you see at right side of top most corner. Then you should click the option menu, which you can also see in the screen shot also which i shared below.                                                                            clear temporary internet files  
  • After that you will see a various option appear on the screen and you have to select the privacy and security option.
  • Then another page will be open you will scroll down the page and you will see a option named as cookies and sites data.
  • After that click the clear data and another page will be pop up on the screen. You should have to select or click the cached web content and you are temporary data will be deleted and without creating any problem to your browser.                                                                                                    how to clear temporary internet files

Method 1 – Delete temporary data by Automatically

  • Firstly open your Mozilla browser and go to the menu button which you can see it on the right side top most corner. Click to open and search the option menu and then again click on the option menu.
  • After that you will see a privacy and security menu, click to open it when it open drag down and search a history option.
  • After that click the Firefox will option and select the use custom setting for history, you can also see in screen shot which i shared below.                                                                                                                      chrome temporary internet files  
  • After that click the option named as clear history when Firefox closes.                                                                                                                         google tool menu  
  • After that you will see right side same place a setting option will be given click that option another page will be open. Click the option of cache to clear all data when you close the Mozilla Firefox automatically.                                                                                                                                  temporary internet files     
  • Finally click OK and you complete the setting of clearing temporary data automatically on the browser when you close.

So guys these are the method which help you to boast your processing when you work in your Mozilla Firefox browser. And now you will not have to worry that you will forget to logout on your account which you used on the various web. If you have issue to do all process i have shared the both method which will suitable for you. According to your choice you can choose it what should want to do with you temporary data in your browser stored.

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