June 4, 2023

Today most of the people are using Mobile phones and every mobile have their unique identification to find out particular phone from an all mobile phones. Every device have their own id named as IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identity ). If you see it was an number usually unique to identify theiDEN mobile phone, 3GPP and satellite phone. Even If there are many mobile of same brand or same model you can choose a particular mobile by with the help of IMEI number. you see the number will printed on inside the compartment of the phone from where the battery will keeped.

Sometimes what happen when your mobile has been lost or for track mobile imei number software is this important. So you will make sure that not use as for doing any illegal activity because it will create you a problem in criminal offense under the mobile regulatory act if do misuses by using this tricks. So make sure that you will use it as fun and if you see many people will search like how to change imei number of android phonehow to change imei numberimei number changer software, imei changer toolimei number changer android software free downloadmtk imei repair codeimei changer tooldevice id changer and many others thing related to do something wrong by using this tricks.

So here in this article i am sharing you tricks to change IMEI number without any problem because many person want to earn some money by referral code by changing the number or for using a affordable internet subscription or enjoy. So that’s why by changing IMEI number your all problem will be solved for this i will provide you full information about tricks and tips to changed the IMEI number.

The question arise here why it was important there of IMEI number in the mobile phones. So basically IMEI number helps to identify valid mobile phones with the help of GSM networks while when your mobile will stolen or lost by you. Sometime few application will ask for the verify your phone but if you want to use same app twice in same number it will not get you access but by changing the number you can use it twice in your mobile phones.

If you see there was many post on google in such of them some tricks was working right but some are not working, That’s why after researching lots of things i found right and simplest way changed the number. Here i will provide you basically two methods to change your mobile phone IMEI number. The first method was rooted, this method was worked when your your mobile was rooted. Then the second method was non rooted method in this there should not necessaries to rooted your mobile phone. So for doing this all steps was given below, Keep reading this article. Requirement For Change IMEI Number In Android Device Mobile Data or WiFi for Internet Connection. APP for IMEI changer.

Change IMEI number of MTK device or Android Device with No Root

The first thing come in mind is what was MTK device and what they help in smartphones. Its full name is Mediatek which produce a chip for a smartphone like Nokia 5.1 plus, Real Me and many others from its headquarter in Taiwan. The mediatek chip will help to run the OS processing in this device where the chip is being installed. So for that smartphones how to change IMEI number follow all step which i have shared below.

  • Firstly open your browser on your device and search the Mobile Uncle App, if you see there was many app related to mtk will available there you should select any one and click to download it.
  • After that click to installed the app in your device, while doing this make sure that you should on or allow the unknown source. You should simply go to the setting option and find a security option in which you find the unknown source.
  • After that open the mobile uncle app, while first time it take some time to open. Once open you will see the dashboard, Then navigate to the Engineer mode option.                                                                                           
  • After that you will see the CDS information option, then click to open it.
  • After that you have search Radio information and then click on that option to open. You will see two option named as Phone 1 and Phone 2, after that slide the Phone 2 option.                                                                                                                                       
  • Lastly you will see the option which i marked in the photo below, You should have to replace with the new 15 digit IMEI number in AT+. Then tap on the SEND AT COMMAND to changed setting by saved the IMEI number and reboot your device to refresh the data of your mobile. Go and check your mobile IMEI number will be changed                                                                                                                                                                                   

Change IMEI number in Android with using Root method

As above i have shared the change IMEI number of some few android smartphone but here in this method you can do change all type of smartphones IMEI number. If you see most of the android smartphones will come with the Android pie operating software. It was an simple and easiest method to change the IMEI number so in this you need to some requirement to do all process so keep follow my step which i shared below.

  • Firstly you should open your android device in which you want to change IMEI number and copy or note down your original IMEI number from setting  at somewhere because in future if you want to change it to original IMEI number you can easily do it. You can also directly access the IMEI number by dial *#06# on your device.
  • After that open your browser and search the Xposed installer and IMEI changer app and click to download and installed it on your device. While one done open the app on your device you will see the Xposed installer interface.
  • After that click the IMEI changer option on the Modules option and then restart the android device. While after restarting you need to open the IMEI changer app, You wills see it show your real IMEI number in the current option.                                                                                             
  • After that entered the new IMEI number in the new IMEI number option and click to apply. Wait for a minute it takes some time to do all process.                                                                                                                                       
  • Finally when its done reboot your device, then open your device and check your IMEI number by dialing *#06#. You will see your number will be changed easily on your current device.                                                       


So guys this was an tricks which which help you to change the IMEI number on your android. As above i have shared both method which will help you to change the IMEI easily and if you compare to both method i mostly like the second one because it was to easy to change the number with the help IMEI changer app. In this you will not need to do any coding or spend extra money to change the number you can do it by you. But while using this tricks you should make sure that you should do it for normal purpose means getting an unique device ID, convert your android device IMEI  to Blackberry IMEI to use the GLO BIS plan and many others. I hope you enjoy this tricks, so follow my website for new updates. Thanks for giving your precious time for reading this post.

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