How to fix Messenger when Video Call Get Error

As we know that Facebook is top most social media which was used by the public in the world. In Facebook they can share photo video and message to other according to there choice and also see the other photos like friends family and other who are added in your friends list. While if you are using facebook in laptop or PC you should directly send it message to other or you video chat online facebook but if your using facebook in mobile you should have installed another app called messenger by this app you can send message  or video otherwise you don’t use messenger call video.

So while using video calling in messenger app sometime its not working for something reason, So here in this article i am sharing a solution do video calling on messenger and also how to minimize video call in messenger. At below i have discuss about the problem which will help you to know why this happen when video chat online facebook is not working.

Solution of your Problem

Reason No 1- Camera Access

While installing the messenger app there should ask permission to access your camera to do video call but some people decline it by there privacy thinking in mind. So guys if you have been installed the messenger app in your device you should go to the setting and tap it to privacy and go the camera option and then again tap click on the messenger to get access of messenger and then you can do video call or receive video of other whom you want.

Reason No 2- Update Problem

Sometime what happen when new update comes your messenger app will not working properly because the bug will create problem. So here a solution of this problem was to install the new latest version of Facebook messenger app usually from your play store which comes with new features. They automatically fix there own bugs and you can do video call again with messenger app. For fixing this error you should open your play store and search the messenger app and then you should click to update option. It takes only few minute to getting update and its done you can enjoy it.

Reason No 3- Network Issue

This problem is create mostly in messenger app because network is an important part of doing video call. If your network is good you can get smooth live secession but if bad network it will create problem for you. So here you what to do is you should firstly check your network connection. You should have to go in setting and then you should go the network setting you should reset your network by clicking on it. It’s may take few minute to searching new network and finally when its all done you can again do video call with your Facebook  messenger app in your mobile.

Reason No 4- Re Login Messenger

Sometimes what happen when you check all type error but still not working your messenger app you should log out and re-login into the messenger app may be they still working in the device. You should what to do is you should go to the play store and search the messenger app and click the uninstalled option because in the messenger app there should not a option of log out. So you should again installed it on your device and do login again it may be start working again without creating any problem. There was another way to re-login in messenger app but it was to length so this was an simple way to re-login into the account. 

How to minimize video call in messenger and do chat also

This problem will also create problem to somebody, So this features was also easy to use while when you are doing video call and you want to do also chating so you can click the video option at right most corner and your messenger box will be open you can know also do chat with other at a same time but problem was only that is you can see your partner face whom your doing video chat but they still seeing you otherwise it will great for you.


So that all guys these are some problem which create problem to not do video call in messenger app, by reading this post your all problem related error in video chatting in messenger app will be solve. I have share a full guide which will help you to do video call with friends and family. I hope you should like this article keep sharing this other which will also helpful for them, If you have any query regarding this article you should comment it down. Thank you.

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