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Are you travelling lots of country and you faces a language problem, Like how do you say do you speak english in spanish or do you speak english. You doesn’t understood the language at restaurant for ordering the food or what will written on the menu card. Because reason behind this is you will not familiar with the local languages used in that city or country. If you also see when you travel by using local bus, train, car or metro you didn’t understood the languages or explained it to where you want to go that’s why this will create problem for you. As we know that English is the common language which was used by the most of the country but sometimes what happen some people understood it what you are saying but they didn’t speak well or translate it for which it will create problem for us. 

So here in this article you can know how to use google translate to understood or saying something in different other languages. For example french to english, russian to english, korean to english, italian to english, ca va in english or english to bulgarian, english to korean or many others which you use it with the help of google translate app. While using this app your all problem related translation will be solved in this single app. you can understood it what they are saying or what you want to say them simply only you should have to entered the text on it or scan the text which you want to say or understood it. Below i have shared the whole process which will help you to access best way of google translate app in your device. You can also see How to Transfer Photos from iphone to PC and How to call someone without showing your number.

What is Google Translate 

It was an free multilingual machine translation app which was introduced and developed by the google for translate the text. While using this google translate app you will translate approx  103 language by entering the text, In such of them some languages are use to translate as a offline but others you need a internet. The google translate app will help the user to understood different languages with your familiar languages while you travelling in others country or city. The google will enhanced this app to the user to get better experience while using the app. The google translate will available at playstore for mobile and in computer you can translate the text by directly accessing it which was run on inbuilt software available on it. You can also see Best Live Streaming Apps For Gaming or Top Android Hacking Tips and Tricks.

Features of Google Translate App

  • You can translate over 103 languages by entering the text on the google translate app.
  • In this you can translate the 59 languages as a offline from where you didn’t need any internet connection.
  • You can translate the languages by scanning the text with the help of scanning available on the app.
  • In this you will also get a google assistant which will assist you to translate various languages in your local languages.
  • You can translate 37 languages by taking picture of text with your camera.
  • You can save your data for future which will help you again when you needed.
  • Easy to use interface which will help for the new user who will start using google translate app for a first time.
  • In this you can get swipe for translator for  your languages to other languages or other languages to your languages. 

Functions of Google Translate

  • The first one is Written words Translation where you can translate text or words into the foreign languages.
  • The second one is document Translation where you can translate by uploading the document in the google translation app.
  • The third one is Website translation where you can translate whole page by taking screen shot and use it on the app.
  • The fourth one is speech translation where you can translated you spoken language by added voice in the menu bar available in it.
  • The last one is image translation where you can translate the text of a picture taken by you.

Step for using a App

  1. Firstly you should open your android device and go to the playstore and search the Google translation App or you can download it directly from the link which was given. It takes some  few minutes to download and installed on your device.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Google Translate App                                                  
  2. After that you should open the app you will see something pop up on the screen. It should ask you to set up Google Translate where you should select your primary language in the first option and in the second option you have choose your secondary language which you used as a part time means when you needed.                                                          do you speak english  
  3. After that you entered on the dashboard of google translate app where you can see various option available for translate the text. Now entered the text and you will find your result in which language you want it.

So if you want to know how to use other option like camera handwriting conservation or voice so read this article.


  • In this you can use this option by various method in such of them are the first one is firstly you should select the language in which you want a result for example your primary language will english and secondary will Japanese see also in the picture below.                                          how do you say do you speak english in spanish 
  • Now you should have to open your camera option you will get get three option in this first one is instant where you can directly translate live by using that option after that you will get scan option where you scan the text and translate it. and the third one is import one where you can translate by adding document file or photo in this.                               how to use google translate 


  • In this you should open the handwriting option you will get two option the first will be keyboard option in this you can type your text to translate it on other languages.                                                                                french to english 
  • The second option where you will have to written on the screen to translated the text in which you want to show it. You can also see the screenshot taken by me while using it on my mobile for translate.                    russian to english


  • Here in this you should have open your conversation option and you should add your voice live on it by long press the option in which you will have to speak. while complete the voice it will automatically give the result by translating the word which you have been said on it.            korean to english 
  • You can also choose a auto option where you will get conversation with other person directly without typing any text only you have to speak in it which will very helpful for you.                                                              italian to english


  • In this you should add your voice and select the language in which you want your result to show it other or speak it out to the other person.

So guys this are the option which will help you to understood other languages while you are travelling in other country and you want to say or explain your thought to other. It will very helpful for when you want eat something according to your choice and travel somewhere by using this you understood what you have do or not. If you see above the only difference between conversation and speak is in conversation there should need live two or people to do the task but in speak there should not necessary to another people live at that time. It’s depend on you which of this option will helpful for you.  

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