Google Crome Tips and Tricks 2020

In this era internet is an important for everyone because it will help you to find or do something work at very fast speed. If you see it will necessary for everywhere like school assignment making, information gathering, socializing, entertainment and various other purpose. If you see all things will be done with the help of various browser and each browser have there own specification. Some of them are free and some of them are paid but each are user friendly to use in the device. 

The google chrome is the one them browser which you familiar at everywhere while using it on android or windows. But if you most of the user will not know about there chrome tips and tricks. So here in this post i will share a google chrome hacks, google chrome hidden settings or how to make chrome faster. Many of you will think i will share a tricks of how to hack chrome but its not hack it is tricks on google chrome which few people will know in google chrome. You can also know google omnibox find my phone to use some basic information which help you instant. So keep reading the cool tricks you can do with google chrome or hack this page download on the google chrome.

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Hidden Tricks of Google Chrome

If you doesn’t know about the chrome tricks so don’t worry here i have listed some tricks which will help you know in the browser google chrome. If you see every point have i share the screen shot which will help you to get idea what should you do in it. 

Cast your screen

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In the chrome you will get a cast option which will help you to use chrome cast like service where you run Netflix and hula in your PC with the help of Browser chrome. Basically these features you can see work on your phone to TV by using beam method. but here now in chrome you can also use by connect it through phone in the browser chrome with the cast option. So you find the option of cast by clicking on right side three dot option, Then in them when you scroll you will see a option cast. 

Use Secret Mode

google chrome hidden settings

In the chrome browser of PC you will get a private browsing option which provide you do work very secretly. It was named as incognito windows which help to their user to do work and not save your browsing history, cookies or any local data associated with the session in your PC. It will provide a protection from other browser to not being tracked by internet service provider or their other website.

You can safely do work what you want on it without taking not to worry about their sites hacks. You can get access the incognito mode by clicking on the three dots which you can see it on the right side top most corner. After  that click the new incognito mode and their page will be open on your computer or Laptop. You can also use a shortcut key to open a incognito browser press Ctrl + Shift + N.

Take help with Omnibox 

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Sometime Omnibox is an important tool which you can find in the Google chrome it works as a same google search bar. It will help to find quick details on the topic which you have been searching on the browser. For example I will type a 1 dollar in rupees in search bar and instant you will see answer in below tab.

So here you doesn’t need to open any website or any currency converter tool to find it. You can also solve some math question, perform conversion, ask basic question and many others small things in the Google Chrome. If you know most of the people will  doesn’t know about this tool in the chrome but now you will know and use it when ever you need it.

Instant access Gmail or Google drive  

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If you are using a lot gmail for your personal use in the computer. So here in Gmail put a instant option of gmail to access easily in their browser without opening the gmail website. You can simply click the right side gmail  option and you can access it easily and also you get a option permanently or manually login in it.

Add Shortcut of  Favorite website to get in touch 

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It was an best features of chrome because chrome will get you an instant access of your favorite website which you use mostly. It was important for every browser also because some time we doing a work on computer or laptop but instant you need to get information of your favorite website to use sometime personal. So through shortcut on the browser in chrome it will help you navigate it easily from that website. you can simply add the website which you want so open the website and click the star option in the URL info tab.You can also bookmark the website by clicking on it, which you can find the option on setting.

Most using website list

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You will also get access your website list which you used most in the browser. This will help you get access that website when you need it on your browser and it will changed automatically when other website you access more than the previous one. You can also put it according to your choice because it work with automatically and manually both for listed favorite website in the tab which you will see below the google search menu. In this you also get add shortcut option to get add any website which you want it to access easily on the google chrome. You can also see it in the screen shot which i shared above it will help you to know what to do in it or to get idea.


So now you will know all the tricks which will help you do browsing in Google Chrome browser. If you see all the point which i shared all the working it not like others which written on the website but not working. So if you enjoy this post then share it to others to know this tricks and use it on the google chrome browser.










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