Free Xfinity WIFI Access With Username & Password

Hi Friend’s, today i am going to share you the one of the best tricks which will help you at everywhere or public place so let,s start. As we know that how internet is important for us for getting access with various social platform like Facebook Whats app Messenger Twitter or many others things without internet we can,t access it. So If you want to access those social platform you need to have internet connection but some time you can,t access it because bad network connection, no internet balance left or others by which it will create problem for you on emergency time by which government have installed  a public WiFi which will help to access the internet for some period of time or take a monthly or annually plan to access those internet access on your mobile or any gadgets. If you see Xfinity WiFi is the one of the hotspot device which was used by the public in globally for internet access.

xfinity channel lineup

If you want to access internet you need to have xfinity account login, then you have to follow xfinity channel lineup or procedure to get access login in it. So the question here arise is xfinity wifi free, how much xfinity internet speed give, what happen when you access longer period of time is xfinity down speed, Is it possible to know xfinity internet speed test while when you downloading anything. So don,t worry i have a trick which will help your all problem related Xfinity WiFi. As below i have shared the all step which will help you to get access internet easily, If you see there was various website which are not sharing the right way to get access xfinity wifi access by you it will create trouble for you. But here you can get access easily so keep reading this article and follow all step which i have mention below. You can also check How To Install Dolby Atmos On Android 2018 or Top Android Hacking Tips and Tricks.


As we know many people doesn’t know what is xfinity. The xfinity is a Comcast Cable Communication corporation  which install their Hotspot  WiFi at a public locations to get access internet on there device and get stay connected. If you see it was an larger provider of WiFi hotspot in the world with an high speed connection. For accessing Xfinity wifi you need to get a Username and Password on your device For which it will create secure connection to get internet access on your device and also it doesn’t do any spam like doesn’t share personal information online which was an important point of every user. The best part of xfinity WiFi is once you get connection or login in it they will automatically get connected with hotspot without any problem.

Things to be Required 

  1. Android device in which you want to run Xfinity WiFi.
  2. Psiphon apk file
  3. Internet connection for downloading it.

Features of Psiphon apk file

  • While Installing it there should not required any registration for user for using it.
  • It offer a unparalleled access by wider selection of protocols to the VPN on the internet through global network. 
  • The Psiphon have there own customized proxy settings for configuration.

Process to Get Xfinity WiFi User Login

  • Firstly you should search the psiphon apk file on your any browser of your android device because you should not find this apk file on your play store or you can directly download it from the link which was given below.                                                                                                                                                            Psiphon
  • After that you click to download option to be start download the psiphon apk file on your device. It takes some time download it on your device.
  • After that you should installed it on your mobile and then connect it to WiFi to get access on it.
  • After that you should open you Psiphon app which have been install already on your device.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               is xfinity wifi free                                                    
  • Then you will see it appear two option on the screen, You should have to select the Tunnel Whole Device and clicked on it.                                                                                                                                                                                                              xfinity internet speed test                                                  
  • After that it will start bypass the privacy which you have already connected to the WiFi by detecting on it. It takes some time when he bypass the connection it will blinking by P icon on the notification area and its all done you should access it WiFi on your android device.                                                                                                 how much xfinity internet


Final Verdict

While using this hack you can get access the Xfinity WiFi anywhere without any problem and also you have a Xfinity Wifi username and password. By this you should have to no pay any money for taking subscription to get access of  Xfinity wifi  you can use it at free of cost. I hope you should like this article be connected with me for new stuff like this.

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