Free calling app for PC to mobile

As we know that every computer or laptop not come with the features of inbuilt calling features. Only in mobile or tablet comes with the features of  calling or make a  phone call. So here in this post i will share a tricks which will help you know how to connect android phone to PC and make android laptop with the best calling app. Many people think that how to call from laptop with calling app and is it possible. My friends read the full article i will share a free calling app for PC to mobile like web airdroid, remote phone call which help you to do call easily. I will also share link for PC which will help you download or go to the direct website easily. 

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Remote Phone Call

web airdroid

It was an remote control phone call app which help you to use calling features with the smartphone to Microsoft windows PC. By this you can easily dial numbers, give answer and end calls by using with the software. You can also send a SMS messages to your friends or other, So here i will share best method which will help you to know how to receive and do call with the help of windows computer. It was an paid app but you can use it as a free for 15 days by this you can get a idea about that app is you satisfied with that app or not by using it.   

make a  phone call

  1. Firstly open your playstore in your android smartphones and search remote phone call trial app. Then click to download and then install the app in your device which takes some few minutes.
  2. After that open your your PC and then your browser, Search a Remote Phone Call and click to download it. Then go to your download file and click to install it on your Computer which allow you to take call or do call with the software.
  3. After that in windows PC launch the app and allow what will ask a permission to run the app and connect with the internet.
  4. Now go to mobile app and you will see a device IP and password, Then go to the PC app and click to add IP address which was written on the mobile app or copy them same.
  5. After that it confirming the address and a message pop up on the screen in your mobile, So copy the password or note it down somewhere.
  6. Finally Enter the password in PC app which you an copy from the mobile app. When it confirm you will automatically connect with your mobile and now you can take call or do call with the windows computer.


how to connect android phone to PC

It was an second app which will help you to do call by your windows computer or laptop. This will work as mirror which allow to call, Sms and app notification in the large computer screen. If you see it was an popular android app which will use by most of the people in their device. While using this app make sure that you will using good internet connection to make call which will help you smooth interaction with others. 

how to call from laptop

  1. Firstly open your play store in your Smartphone and search Airdroid app, Then click to download and install it.
  2. After that while connect the internet connection you will make sure that you will connected with the same WiFi or internet in same device. Then you will search in your browser to open the website.
  3. After that open your airdroid in your mobile and create account and get login in, Then you will see a QR code scanner option in right side top corner click on them. For scanning the bar code which was given in the web browser.
  4. After that you will see the airdroid app QR barcode on the web browser scan with the help of mobile to connect the app with your PC.
  5. Finally when it connect you can get or take a call, So simply go to your contact number and select the contact and tap the call option and your call is going. When your talk will be ended so simply click the exit button which was given below.


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