Install Flash Custom ROM on Android Devices

Install Flash Custom ROM on Android Devices

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Hi Friends, I am going to share you to install flash custom ROM on android devices. We know that flash rom android is an open source operating system, so if you want to improved your performance on your smartphone like battery backup, speed of latest version, downloading process, customization and many more you should reap the many benefits of loading custom ROM.You can also see download latest GB instagram for android download PS3 Emulator for android. When you buy a smartphone it available on with custom os android but to do it was restricted the function at which we can not access it features which are enough for a normal phone user but is not sufficient for a android addicted user. There should also asked for other gadazet like how to flash android phone without pchow to flash android phone with computer, how to install new os in android phone the all thing will done through twrp recovery android it permannently inbuilt in place that flash phone, For installation of custom ROM in a devices stock firm to bring in new features with upgraded customized options will be done on right process and it called “twrp android” the entire process of custom installation should i have given below.

Tips :-

  • while installation of custom ROM on your devices firstly you should create backup of your data in a storage devices.
  • installed android recovery twrp .
  • rom zip file free download. 

What is Custom ROM

As we know that “ROM” stands for “Read Only Memory”. The custom ROM replaces your devices  with android operating system, in another way we can say that its normally stored in read only memory with a latest version of the android operating system. Custom ROM are different from accuaring root to access. The major advantage of Android smartphone was it can operated by the third party system and not only with original ROM. The variation of ASOP was voluntaries or adapted with ‘to much free time’.


ASOP stand for Android Open Source Program. It can follow standard of modified version by the developers of google applications. It was an version of the open source code of android, in its consortium of the brands to offer a pure version of the system developed by the google.

Features of Custom ROM

  • In this you have root access, you have control the function over all of your devices with the original android devices, you can also make easily backup performance.
  • In google app will come on the third party firmware, The google apps will install on the site again.
  • one of best advantages of your smartphone while using the custom ROM is it will create smartphone faster and advanced as compare to older one.
  • It comes on latest version of android not only with custom ROM and there should many customization option.
  • through custom ROM many Android user already know this problem, there was new version of android are not it will fill security gaps. This will keep everyone up to date on the newest version of android.

How to install custom ROM

If you installing the custom ROM in your android devices for improving the stock ROM if it is not good or for better performance or want some new features in your devices, Through installed custom ROM recovery, you can create backup on your current  ROM with the error of in custom ROM. So here i am giving you a easy step to install a custom ROM in your device.

Step 1 :- firstly while installing a custom rom your mobile should be charged minimum 50% and also you should                       create backup of your smartphone because while installation there should be chance of loosing of your                       data and various app.

Step 2 :- after that you should root your device by app KINGOROOT or KINGROOT, You can eaisly find it on                               GOOGLE by searching it on your android devices. If you are searching the app on playstore you can not                       find this because it was available on only GOOGLE.                                                                                                                                         twrp android

Step 3 :- after that you should install FLASHIFY for recovery which was given on the app with name with CWN                           (Clock Workmod Recovery), TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project).

Step 4 :- after that you should grant the root permission which was installed in FLASHIFY App and download a                         recovery on it.

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Step 5 :- after that you can sea that a ZIP file format should be seen in your custom ROM for your android device                     and keep download it in your external devices while installing it you must aware it that your ROM will be                     BUG free because it was compatible with your devices.

Step 6 :- And finally the step was completed and you should installed the custom ROM by booting you devices into                 the recovery.

That’s all, it will take a several minute to installed and cache them reboot your devices and enjoyed it new interface, in case you have any query about this post you can easily comment below on the box.

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