June 4, 2023

Million of people are using Facebook and for sending messages or chat they use Facebook messenger, but many people doesn’t know how to manage chat. So they delete their chat for some security reason or personal issue and forget to save it on your mobile by taking screenshot or any other method but after realizing they want backup of their chat but they can’t do this because they didn’t have any idea to create backup of their chat which they delete it. The Facebook will not able to recover your message due to some legal issued create by the laws may be if you receive messages from your gmail account then it should possible that you will retrieve your delete message on the Facebook messenger.

If you see many people think question that how to retrieve archived messages on facebook messengers or how to view archived messages on facebook messenger android or how to see archived messages on messenger app or how to find a archived messages or how to access archived messages on facebook and many other.  So here in this article shared a solution of all problem related to you that how to view archived messages on facebook messenger or un archived messages. If you see there various method which help you recover archived messages facebook or archived text messages but in all of them only few are working. So if you want to recover the facebook archived messages so follow all step below.

Step to recover deleted messages on Facebook

Part 1-: Download the ES explorer

This will help you to choose file which is located on your smartphone, while ES file explorer provide you a right place in predefined place of easy and every file. So, let’s start.

  • Firstly open your browser on your android smartphone and search the ES file explorer or you can also download it from the link which was given below.
  • After that you should installed the app, then you should open it and you can see various file will different name and each holds all the data related applications.

  • After that you should go to the folder and click the “data” folder.

  • After that you connect your mobile to usb with computer or laptop open the folder, Then you should search “com.facebook.orca” on the folder and click to open it.

  • After that you should click on the cache folder in which you should see “fb_temp“. So this was the folder in which can i recover deleted facebook messages will solve and you should find how to view archived deleted facebook messages. In this folder your are facebook messages will be automatically save as backup and you can recover your messages but if it is not then you should not create backup of delete messages.

Part 2-: Archiving the Facebook messages

Archiving messages is the way to secure messages and retrieve it in future. While this is the way backup over your messages and it was an part of them to do this without them the all thing is wasteful  and you should never backup by use this method on facebook , facebook messenger and facebook website.

  • You should open your messenger and go to the latest conversation list click to open it. In addition you should scroll to the contact, Which you will archive and press long to perform and following windows pops up.
  • Archiving the all messages and you should select the archive and moved it  or you can later unarchived it when you need.

Part 3-: Recover messages from archived

The archived will help you to see messages so easy and simple in future when you need it. Because if you once not deleted the archived messages it will store on Facebook for a permanently you doesn’t need to worry about that. So how to recover it follow the step below which i shared it.

  • Firstly open your browser and search the Facebook and get login in it. You can also login in the Facebook account through directly Facebook app also but it will not work this tricks at there.
  • After that go to the setting and search the account setting option which you can see also in picture below.

  • After that you will see the general account settings you should have to click on it. Your some details should appear on the screen, you will see a option of download a copy  at left side on the down area. click to open it.

  • After that you will see a page will be open which written as download your information. You should have to click the start my archive  in the information box which you can see also in the picture below.

  • While after clicking you see a message should be pop up on the screen named as request my download. The Facebook will confirm you that you want to download your data or not. You should have to click again the start my archive option again and it will start gathering your all Facebook information.

  • After that wait for minute or hour according to your data stored in Facebook to recover it in file which you can download it. While once they completed a link from Facebook will appear on the screen. you should have click that link download the archived messages.                                                                                                             
  • Entered the password of  your account in the re-entered password option and click to continue.                                                                                           
  • Lastly click the download archived option and it will download it to your computer and then unzip it. Then open the the index file and click the messages and it will load all the past messages in your computer or laptop.


I hope you should love this tricks, Now you can easily recover your messages by follow this method which i have shared above. The best part is that you should not to loose your data and not to installed any third party app which was not safe for using. As you can download messages of archived and unarchiving messages both but while doing this you should make sure that do all process carefully. Because if you miss any step you will able to recover your messages on your device. So share this post to others and subscribe my website for new updates. Thanks for this post.

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