How to download Minimal ADB and Fastboot (All Versions)

How to download Minimal ADB and Fastboot (All Versions)

Hi guys, I am back with new tutorial in this article you can know How to download Minimal ADB and Fastboot 1.4.3 for All version. you have sooner or later hear about the adb android which will helping you to in android devices and while installing CWN/ TWRP recovery as a useful tools for fast boot download. In another way we can say that  it allow the windows computer to establish adb connection with the android devices.If we talk about that the ADB and fastboot tool bundle is a comparatively small approx 3.7mb and it takes 1.6 gb to download android sdk only in device and fast boot windows 7. So for doing this you need to android adb tools download and install adb windows.

What is ADB ( Android  Debug Bridge ) and Fastboot

Android Debug Bridge

It was an toolkit which are included in the Android SDK package, It have a server-side and client program both for communicate with another. The numerous graphical user interfaces which was accessed through command-line interface to control ADB. The commands thrugh ADB issuing is typically:

adb [-d|-e|-s <serialNumber>] <command>
where -d option are using for specifying the USB-attached in device,
      -e indicate for Android emulator running in the computer,
      -s is specifying it either one by its adb-assigned serial number.
If it is attached only one device or running emulator, and it was not necessary for option.

The vector was targeted the ADB to attempt rootkit install on a connected phones was using a resources attack by exhaustion. For which the commanding backup to a file in the android application which name as backup.ab as default.


Fastboot was a SDK package which included a diagonastic protocal to use primarily modify the flash file system with a USB connection from the host computer. After started the devices it required a secondary program loader or boot loader in which the most basic installation is performed in hardware. when enabling on the devices protocol should complete on the devices and then it accept the specific set of command send to by USB with a command line.

How ADB works

After starting the ADB client, firstly you should check it that whether ADB server process should be running it or not. If they didn’t start the process of server,After starting it allow the local port TCP to listen commands send by adb clients or to communicate with the ADB server of all clients port.

Then the server will set a connection to all devices which are running, After that emulators locates through using by scanning odd ports numbered in the range 3333 to 3343, the range uses 16 digit emulators only to sever finds an adb daemon( adbd ) to set its connection to their port.

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Easy Step to Download ADB & Fastboot

  • Firstly you should download the ADB and the Fastboot to your PC.                                                                                                    adb
  • After that you should click right on the setup file to run as admistrator.                            adb android
  • And then it should be asked you to “Do you want to install ADB and fastboot“, you should click it yes(Y) on it to install it in the system.                               fast boot download
  • After that it should ask you to “Install ADB system-wide”, you should click on it yes (Y).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       install adb windows
  • After that it should ask you to “Do you want to install device drivers” and you should click it yes(Y).                                                                                                                  download android sdk only
  •  And you see that the installing process should be start it now to your device it take some time to install and after installation of wizard device driver should open and you should click it next.                                                                                                   android adb tools download
  • And lastly the all process should finished and all the setup should be installed on your PC so click “Finish“.fast boot windows 7
  • And then you should turn on the USB Debugging on your mobile, you should go to the setting “Developer Options but if enable then you should go to the setting in about phone and then in build number to click seven times for allowing.                                                                                                                               windows adb driver
  • then you should go the computer drive  and you will see that a new folder  was made name as adb.                                                                                                               
  • then open the adb folder and you should see the adb and fastboot setup was their, you click on them to install the both the setup to your computer.
  • while install you should make sure that you have allowed the computer connection and then you should check that connect your  phone to computer by typing the command below.                                                                                          
  • and for fast boot you should check by boot your devices in bootloader and type the command given below.                                                                                                               
  • Finally you see that in computer will be your devices id and the all process done and you should enjoyed it.


  1. It clean ADB and google drivers from latest SDK,
  2. it was small in size (approx 9.17 MB),
  3. It take 15 sec to install the ADB,Fastboot and drivers,
  4. It was easy to install to your devices, their should not required any other installation to other files it run automatically,
  5. Miniamal adb and fastboot tool support all the windows versions like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP and Windows vista.


Version Info

Version 1.1

-It was smaller than 0.01 to the  previous version,

-It was changed the directory to the path which was added “%systemdrive%\adb”,

-You can also remove adb from WINDIR if it was already still have,

-Changed x86/x64 detection system,

-it was faster than previous version.

Version 1.2

-It have updated the version (9.0.0000.00000) at google USB Driver,

-It was 2KB bigger,

-you can updated file which you need to be update,

-It included a path only when the path was not present in it.

Version 1.3

-It have bug fixed,

-It have instead of WinRAR but now it was 7-Zip SFX,

– It reduced the size,

-Now you can add choice for current user or system wide only installed the adb,

-New  DP inst(WDK 8.1).

Version 1.4

-Their should update the version of Google USB Driver,

-In this you can CLEAN UP,

-The PATH can be fixed  under Windows XP,

-Error log.


Final Verdict

That’s all guys, I hope you should like this tutorial as you have perfectly installed the ADB and Fastboot drivers on the any type of windows version. Now you can twist in your device from the low level, If you have any query about this article or problem in downloading  you can comment it down at below comment box i try to reply as soon as possible, Thank you for visiting the my site.

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