Download latest version of psiphon 3 for PC/Laptop in Windows & Mac

Are you using a laptop or PC too much for doing your work ?

And sometime you access the Public WiFi to use internet but you get afraid to use public WiFi.

The reason behind of the afraid is your personal data like password, user id,  account details and various other document which you kept in your Laptop or PC.

free download psiphon for windows

So here i have shared a VPN named as psiphon 3 to you, which you can use it and get secure your network from the hacker. If you download in mobile it was name as psiphon pro apk but if you download psiphon for PC it will named as psiphon 3 for PC. In this tutorial you can know the full detail about the psiphon 3 free download for PC. You can also download Best VPN for mobile.

It was an free download psiphon for windows which help to bypass the network in the securely way. It will also protect your IP address and gives a secure communication while accessing the any public WiFi or unsecured network.  It was run on all type of version in the windows but sometime some people will search according to their version use it on their laptop or PC. You can see as like download psiphon3 for windows 7 or psiphon for windows 8.1 free download or psiphon download for windows 10. In the psiphon 3 for windows you will also get psiphon pro lite handler, http proxy injector which will help to use your internet any fear.  

You can also see

What is Psiphon

It was an free tool which work to open source internet censorship circumvention to help the user to give secure communication by using technology like HTTP proxy, VPN proxy and SSH proxy in your device. It was designed as to give securely network or lightweight internet proxy to their user and also it will allow you to access that websites which was blocked or getting not open on your mobile, tablet or PC.

In other words we can says Psiphon will help to access the Public WiFi in your laptop or PC without giving permission to hackers that access your personal data which you stored it. It will works as a safeguard to see various blocked website which was not allow to see normal on the device. If you travel out side the country some country have restriction that not use a some website like in china will not allow to use Facebook. So here psiphon will work there role and they allow you to use Facebook on their device by removing it to personal encrypted server with any network.

Software Info

Software Name Psiphon
Works On Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Downloads 3 Million plus
Version V3
Size 5.84 MB
Licence General Public Licence
Developer Psiphon, Inc, the Citizen Lab

Internet censorship circumvention


  • It will provide you a secure connection to the hacker who will want to hack your personal and it will provide help you to do safe and secure browsing to your laptop or computer.
  • You can know about that how much traffic you getting that and how much you used it.
  • Psiphon will allow to use or do to work on the block website by unblocking the website which create problem for you.
  • It will block all the advertisement which will pop up on the screen when you do something work on the net or surfing the web.
  • It will protect your data from the outsider to not stolen or use it as personal purpose because it will hide the data.
  •  It was best software of the VPN for the other as compare to other one.
  • It was free tool which you can download it from the link which i have provide below by clicking on it you can get.
  •  It was an simple interface which provide you an easy to access from the new user which will help you to run the software easily on the PC or laptop.
  • It will protect from the various threats which create problem for you on your computer.

Process to install in your PC or Laptop on Windows 

psiphon 3 free download for PC

As only few people have issue that to installation process of pisphon on their device. It was work on the all type windows like 7/8/8.1/10 only you have to download and install it by doing all process. So here If you want to use psiphon on your PC or laptop you need to follow some step which i have share the detail below.

  • Firstly open your browser on your laptop or PC and search the psiphon3.exe file to download it or you can download it from the link which i have shared below by clicking on it.                                                                                                                                                                                               Psiphon3.exe
  • Sometime what happen when you click on the download option it will not downloaded it because some extension will not allow to download it on your computer. So you have to do allow on the setting of your extension n which you want to download it, you can see it photo also.                                                                                                              psiphon download for windows 10                  
  • You should have to allow the option on the setting and then option of privacy and security ” protect you and your device from dangerous sites”.
  • After that you should go the download option where Psiphon3.exe file have been kept safely after the download. You should have to click on them to installed it on your device it will take few minute to do all process.                                                                                                                                  download psiphon3 for windows 7 
  • After the installation you should see the pisphon icon will appear on the screen and you will see a message of Psiphon is “Psiphon is connected”.
  • And, now you enjoy the browser without fear of hacker to stolen you personal data and use any public WiFi to connect net in your device.

Process to install in your PC or Laptop on Mac

psiphon for windows 8.1 free download

As you know that you can easily not install the Psiphon3.exe on the Mac.  So here we need a Bluestacks which will help you to install it on the device. If you see in windows there you can easy way to download but in Mac it will create problem because for Mac there was no any direct access of psiphon to download. If you see sometime in windows you not install some app or software so there you use android emulator same as in Mac we use Bluestacks which will help to download the app or software easily. By using psiphon you can easily tunnel the internet connection on your Mac.

  • So firstly open your browser and search the bluestacks emulator to download the psiphon software on your device.
  • After that once download it on you Mac device go the downloaded option and click on it to installed it. 
  • After the installed you should open the bluestacks and type psiphon on the search option, you will see it will show on the dashboard.              psiphon pro lite handler 
  • After that you should click on them to install on your device, And then wait for a minute you can see it will appear on the screen.
  • Now launch the Psiphon on your device and enjoy it.

Final Words

So above i have share the psiphon software which will help you protect from the hacker while when you use another network or public WiFi to access the internet. It will safe your all data from outsider which will chance of stolen on your drive which you kept. While reading this article you get a full idea of using the Psiphon means how they works in your computer or laptop. You can download and installed it on your both device while it was an windows or a Mac.

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