Create WhatsApp Account by using USA Number

Hi Guys, today i am going to share new tricks was to create Whats app app account with using USA number, as we know that Whats app is one of the most popular app for sending photo, message, PDF, files and video etc. Whats app application is basically available in android, IOS & windows version to chat with family and friends, its offer web version also for their user through Whats app web website. Many people have common issue that they should not share the number with public so here i am giving a new tricks to create whats app  account with USA number, is this possible first question come in mind ?  yes it is possible, so in this post i taught you to how to make whats app account by using USA number.

If you creating a whats app account you should first thing to know that the USA number will be start with number +1 and for making their should ask a necessary that you should be resident of USA because for their verification of whats app number. So here some application was available i play store who should providing USA number for free messaging and calling. Their was many other app who providing to use USA number but some privacy reason they should not use for longer period of time So here i am research the many app, I found two simple and easy app, which can use in your device for creating whats app account by using USA number.

Benefits of Whats app Account by using USA numbers

There was plenty of features given below of using whatsapp account with USA number, these will help you to for pearsonal benefit while using of they are :-

  • Its create personal number secret by securing or hiding through others.
  • The number will be started with +1 which create unique and attractive to other number
  • It was an international number which create unique in group to other.
  • By using USA country number, and sending a message to your friends it will shock to him that you are master in tricks.
  • Get securing by hiding your original number.
  • You can also do prank with your friends by sending message with USA number.
  • Working with any android device without creating any problem.
  • It is easy to download through playstore their no restriction or problem to use and easily avilable.
  • The tricks using USA number for whatsapp was totally free in use.
  • By using whatsapp with USA number it will helps to securing data and information to the hackers.

How to create whatsapp account with using USA                                             number

There was various app which will help you to creating account for ex Voxox whatsapp tricks, but they are banned till now, but after researching i have found two app which was helpful for making account which i have discussed below

1:-   PRIMO

  • Firstly you should open your playstore on your android phone and click to start downloading.
  • after downloading use should open the primo app, once open then you should register your account just entered your mobile number or email id and click on the submit button.
  • after that you should receive an OTP on the mobile number for verifying primo app with your mobile number after that you should receive a number, which can you  use as  number in whatsapp account.
  • then you should copy your usa number and paste to whatsapp verification number. you should click on continue process.
  • after waiting you should see a option come call me in whatsapp you should just click it on that option and just few second you should receive a phone call of verification in primo app. you should note it down and entered into watsapp account.
  • after doing everything you should use your watsapp.



  • In this firstly you should open your playstore account and click to download textplus, after installing you should open it in your own android device.


  • after that you should open it your account and sign it by entering your name, date of birth, gender, email and password.
  • after signing up in your textplus account you can see the option at the top most right corner to get a option like ” Tap to get your free textPLus number! ” then you should click on it.
  • after that their should be ask you to choose the city and code which should you want for ex ( i choose Washington as city and 509 as code ).  
  • after that you should need to copy the usa number for your whatsapp and create your new account, you should receive confirmation message or receive confirmation call in Textplus.


That’s all guys , you should know after my reading my post to how to create a fully functional whatsapp account by using USA number  with a number +1 as first digit code. Any question or suggestion for this post  you should comment below in this post. This is the best way to get free USA number for creating your watsapp account, I hope you will love this post keep visiting my post i am trying to proving some more stuff to you,thank you friends.

NOTE – don’t use as illegal purpose, if you do then you should might be in big risk, use as for privacy on regular basis.


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