How to sync Contact from Gmail to Android

If you have mobile gmail will play a important role now a days where you can lots of thing to do like sending an email, chatting, managing contact and many more. So when it come to store the contact for all friends, relatives and business associates it was an good features in gmail because it will help you when your mobile will be stolen or missing to you and you can’t access the contact list. The gmail will help you as backup because it will store you contact on your mobile and provide you when you need it by doing some simple step. So here in this article you can known about how to import contacts from google account or how to restore backup from google account on android phone.

how to sync contact from iphone to gmail

If your contact will mistakely delete on your mobile, so go to my contact on get gmail to backup your google contact info easily but sometime mostly people loose their patience and do mistake and share some personal information to others to create backup. On the internet there was also various apps are available and some of them are paid and some of them are free, who claims that recover google contact and view google contacts easily but this doesn’t happen. So here i will guide you how to restore android phone from google backup with an easy step which doesn’t create problem in backup and recover seemingly lost or delete contacts.

Process how do i get in contact with Google

After recover your account you should make sue that you  should create backup of your contact only when you used gmail in that mobile in which who has been stolen or you delete it mistakely because otherwise the google will doesn’t import your contact while when you add your account on your mobile it will automatically copy your contact and save it permanently and whenever you want you can recover it easily. If you want google phone backup or contact google phone number you follow this important point on your mind and doesn’t recover your contact by doing the all process again and again & get confused.

  • Open the browser on your android device and tap the search bar and type gmail and wait till to open it and entered your gmail id and password to open and make sure that while entering your id it will same which you are using in mobile.
  • After that it will loading and your gmail account will open you can see on your dashboard of gmail there should be various menu have,You can click on the left side top most menu named as option “More”.
  • After that you need to choose the time to restore your contact because while restoring your contact to any state within past few days which are looking to store your google contact, while doing this make sure to selecting the time to recover google contact.
  • After that wait few minute to recover your google contact and when it recover it your google contact, Then you should go to the phone book of your mobile in which you want to backup and see the all contact of your friends, relative and others. If there all of contact there so all done and all contact should be recovered to the gmail.

But, if there should missing some contact on your phone book then don’t get worry about that you will missing your contact to your gmail. so you again do this process again and again approx three or four time to recover your data at your gmail account because sometimes technical error will create problem and it doesn’t copy the whole contact in your mobile which does not a big issue.

After competing the process it all done and you will enjoyed it and again you can call or text message to your friends, family and others.

Process how to export google contacts

If you want to recover or import your contact any time so it will make sure that you will export your contact in the gmail account but it will happen when all the contact will store in the gmail so if it will not happen you will also export your google account easily by some step which was given below.

  • firstly open your browser on your mobile and search gmail on the search menu after opening it you will entered your any id and password which you want to recovered it whenever you need it.
  • After your opening the gmail account you will see the option in the account, then you click the option More at right most corner.
  •  Then you can see the option import, you should click on them to opening the option you should click the option to start importing you contact on your mobile. It takes a several minutes and after doing all process you can see the process should be done.
  • And, finally you can enjoyed it and whenever you want to recover your contact on your mobile you can do it easily.

Final Verdict 

It’s all done and now you have a idea to how to recover your contact backup to your gmail account easily, I have suggested you to easy step with simplest way to get together your contact backup. In this tutorial i have described the method how to export or import your contact in this we doesn’t need to buy to apps while it was free or paid with an 100% success rate. If you have any query regarding this post you can message it on the comment box and you can also give suggestion regarding this post. Keep sharing this article to others and subscribe my website to get more new stuff and tricks which will help you when you have problem.I think you should like this article, Thank you friend.

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