June 4, 2023

If your mobile getting slow or you nothing to get access fast like using apps playing games and others. The reason behind this was is useless or waste data stored in your mobile which slower your process. The question here arise was from where will it they stored in your mobile.

So they stored in this device when you using any app or website in your mobile. Basically the data will be the information which help to process faster when browsing on it. In android mobile it named as a cached datasystem cache or cache file android.

Here in this tutorial you can know about that how to clear cache on androidwhat is cache in android. Also, you know auto clear cache androidclear all app cacheclear system cache android and clear ram cache.

What is cached data

It was an scripts, images, files and other media files which are nothing  but not useful files stored in the device through app or website. It will stored on device at a reserved space which comes when you using any app or website to boost the speed at that time.

Nothing serious will happen when you clear cache android because when you again do that work it automatically come inside the phone. That’s why some times when others app and website taking time or getting not open the reason behind is your reserved memory will getting full. So while clear that you will get fastly access the new website and app in your smartphone.

Benefits of Clear Cache

If you clear cache data in your device it will provide you a various benefits which you can see at below.

  • If cache stored in the device it will effect the RAM and Memory will acquire. It enhanced the system and application performance in your device by clear the cache.
  • The developer always insist that clear the cache data always to see new implemented, when you load the web pages or new app will updated in the device. Because new updated version of page will be fetched in the smartphone.
  • The cache will stored your personal data also for some websites like emails site, Facebook and various other login website. As you know these are are the sensitive information, so if you are forget to logout it on your device the other person can use it then it create problem for you. For clear the cache data your all problem will getting solve and you didn’t need to worry about that.
  • It also help when your memory get full and you want to download somethings on your device. So by clear the data your all problem get solved and you can download the small size file in your device.

How to clear android cache

I think most of the user will know the method of clear all cache in the device is one or two. But here in this post i will shared four method which will help you to clear the data easily in the device. Now many of you are thinking how is this possible to do this. Don’t worry about this here below i will shared all easy ways which you can do it on your device for clear the cache.

Method 1:- Clear cache data inside the phone

Here in this method you can delete the cache data by inside your android smartphone, So here what to do you in your smartphone is given below.

  • Firstly go to your setting in your android device and search the Storage menu and click to open it.                                                                     
  • After that Storage option you will various will stored in various place, You should have to click  cached data.                                                                                                         
  • After that message should be appear on the screen and it will ask a permission for clear cache data. You should click OK to clear all data.                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Finally wait for minute and go back and refresh your storage and you will see your cached data will be deleted.                                                                 

Method 2 :- Clear cached data for Inside the App Setting

Here in this method you can deleted all cached data by per app basis, So here below step which should you have to follow them are.

  • Firstly open your mobile and go to the setting and search the apps option ( Don’t get confuse when you not find same named in the device for ex in my device it named as manage app ).
  • After that you should have to click on them a
  • nd you will see all the app which was installed in your device will be shown. Select any one which you want to clear cache.                                                                                                                             
  • After opening that app you will see at downside a option will see named as clear data. click on them.                                                                                                                                                             
  • After that option pop up on the screen which ask  you to clear all data or clear cache. you should click it according to your choice.                                                                               
  • After again final confirmation will ask to clear it and your all waste data will be deleted by clicking on it.                                                                                                                 how to clear cache on android

Method 3 :- Clear cache By third party apps

In this you can clear cache by using the third party app means you need to download another app in their smartphones through play store. Also with the app you can improve your performance bu using other things in the smartphones  like security scan, boost speed, cleaner, optimize and various others thing. So here the step to clear catch in their mobile which was given below.

  • Firstly open your playstore and search any of cache cleaner app and click to download it.
  • After that installed that in your smartphones and when installed click  to open it.
  • After that you should see various option appear on the screen you have to select a cleaner option by clicking on it.                                             
  • After that you should have to click on the clean option and your all trash data will be data.                                                                                                                                     
  • Finally all unwanted file will be deleted in your smartphones.

Method 4 :- Clear Cache by recovery     

In this method you can clear catch by advanced method but the problem is this feature will available on some smartphone. So here in this method if you do any wrong step you will  create problem for you on your smartphone. Because it will harm your device and get damage it so let’s start this method.

  • Firstly you will switch off your smartphone and click to switch on but while opening use a combination key like press both button (switch on/off key and volume up/down).
  • After that you should entered in the android recovery system, you will see various option available on the screen.
  • Finally select the wipe cache partition by using the volume button and click it that option to clear cache by using power button. Your all unusual data will be deleted easily on your smartphone and turn on your device.                                                                                                                             

Final Verdicts

I hope this will help you to clear cached data in your smartphone by using this various method which i shared above. So according to your choice you can clean all the waste file and folder which was not getting use for you in the smartphones. If you like this post you can share it to others to know that which they can use it on their smartphones.

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