hello friends,  today i am guiding you to change MAC (Media Access Control) address of your any android device. In your android smartphone their should be a network card which helps to use or connect WiFi, Bluetooth to another device at which to assigned them a unique MAC address runs and they are fixed for device at when they assigned by manufacture, for which you cant change or replace it the MAC address on your device. so here, you got trick to make fool in address network.You can also see download latest version of whatsapp apk plus

What is MAC

The MAC is Media Access Control, which is a unique 12 characters ID of any smart devices for operate or run. The MAC is an identifier assigned to a specific hardware for ex the network adapter of any smart devices, if we say in another way MAC is an unique address of smart devices that was used by user it will provide  access to use it of any smart devices it will also identify your smart gadget on the internet or the local network.

Why Spoofing MAC Address

The first question come in mind why should we spoofing MAC address of your smart device for changing MAC address is totally depend upon on you why you want to changing. So here i am giving you reason for changing MAC address

  • the first is we know at maximum people are user of internet so sometime your device should blocked to their router for accessing  the internet so by spoofing MAC address we can access it.
  • some times your MAC address is revealed in public for which hacker should access your address and use it for own needs so while changing it the cant get access it.
  • privacy is an important part of any smart device user. through network it can easily see your location through MAC address through this hacker can get access your location of your device.

Requirement to change MAC in android smartphone

If it requirement to change MAC address in your android smartphone, then you should rooted the MAC address in your smartphone their should basic requirement to check it out here. Download spotify premium apk

Rooted android phone

Terminal emulator ( change MAC address in android smartphone ) 

Step for changing MAC address in android device

If you want to change MAC address of your Android devices, there was following step you should to figure out how the step by step process done, to do follow the step given below

  1. The first thing to do after changing MAC address on your android device, you should do default MAC address for your any android device. you should know the interface name for your WiFi network card.
  2. you should open your android device and go to the SETTINGS and open WiFi for configure the screen on wifi.                                                
  3. after that you can see it bottom there should be option come of MAC address of your wifi network card for changing it in for future at original one. 
  4. after that you should install Terminal emulator for android  app from playstore then you should install it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  5. once installation complete you should open it and type the following command in the terminal emulator app.                                                                                     
  6. after that you should see that following programming language  should be open and allow root permission and enter next command, and then you should enter ifconfig eth0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx .
  7. and then you tap the enter it after that you MAC address should be changed with new one it takes some few minute.
  8. after than you will see your MAC address should got changed you can also check the your MAC address should be change or not through above process discussed.

Final Verdict

As above i guide you to  how change mac address or spoof mac address in rooted android smartphone, in this tutorial i have explain the process of MAC, what does it do, what was it benefit, how to use it there should various step to do for changing MAC address. However, If network should using a MAC address based whitelist to allow devices with address to connect to the network  the MAC address should not work properly, otherwise it will work properly. you can try this on your android mac changer in your phone, for free.

I hope  you should enjoy the trick which i have guide you at in this tutorial, if you have any query should regarding related to this post you should comment below, i will try to solve your problem or issue  as soon as possible. Keep visiting my blog for more new stuff, Thanks for visiting.


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