How to call someone without showing your number

Hi friends today i am sharing best tricks which will help you to prank with others, So here in this article you can know how to hide your number when calling or make free call online. Many of you have numerous social media accounts and some of them are visible there mobile number to the public. If you displaying the number on a public forum can often land you in problem. So by using this method you can hide your caller identification when you calling somebody or others will calling you. While using this method i will make sure that the no one can able to see your mobile phone number and name. There was many reason which you want to hide your number but you can’t do this because you didn’t get any idea about this is it possible to make call without showing your personal number. By using this method In this you can also do a random phone number to call anyone at anytime and do prank for fun.

random phone number to call

In most of the country we call each time a stranger and our number is shared because we will get displayed on their detail in caller id. Often we don’t know when you get frustrating to know who is calling and not have a clue.  That’s why many companies will sell there product by using this techniques and we doesn’t know who will call you and answer the call. You can also see if anyone call from international number and you afraid that and think who will calling you or someone call spoofing with you. So here in tutorial you can make a call online and you can also do prank with your friends without showing your private number. You can also do a lots of thing by using this method like call phone from computer and many more thing in your device and create online free call.

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Apps for online free call

If want to make phone online without showing your personal number so i have some apps which help you to solve the problem easily and do prank with your friends. The app which was i am sharing named as primo for which you can do a unlimited call phone number online. On the google if you search there was lots of website are available and they said to make a free call online but it was can’t true. So here i am researching the lot’s of apps i found this apps which will help to make call free online after applying it to own friends and do prank. So now it your turn to applying it your friends by using this apps which was given below.


It was an free communication app that allow you to make free call with your family, friends and others around the world of different countries. It was an best app to make call by download the app at free of cost. You can download it on your mobile phone or tablet and do lots of thing like video call, messaging and calling by using your different network like 3G, 4G and WiFi.


  • you can call over 60 destinations in the world or these app will never expire these minutes by using Primo app.
  • You can call anyone anywhere and you want to reach 200 over destinations so you can also purchase low per minute rates and the rates will start with 1 cent per minutes.
  • You can also get rewarded by refer this app to your friends and family and when they download it and rewarded with free referral minutes that never expire and use it when you want.
  • In this you can also instantly share music, video and picture with others by connecting with primo user.

Step to use

  • Firstly open your smartphone and search Primo App on the google playstore or you can directly download it from the link given below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Primo
  • After that  you should installed it on your mobile and then open the apps and create a account.                                                                                                                                how to hide your number when calling
  • After that you should enter your mobile number and then verify it by OTP, and earn some free referral minutes to prank it.
  • Finally it all done you go to the call section and do free call or many things to do which you want.                                                                                                                                   make free calls online

If you want to earn some more referral minutes then invite some friends and family so primo will gives a hundred of minutes by doing different types of activites such as Add phone number( 25 minutes ), Add email address( 25 minutes ), Enter hometown( 25 minutes ), Enter location( 25 minutes ), Set profile photo( 25 minutes ), Invite friends( 25 minutes ) and can make free call to mobile in india or outside the country.


So primo was an simple app which allow you to call everyone in the world without showing your number and do prank with you friends with new number. While primo app offers free inbound calls using this number while we are roaming. This app is best from whom who travels a lots in a country or out side the country because you need to buy a SIM to call otherwise but while using this app is this solve your problem. If we talk about user interface of primo app is quite simple and easy to operate as compare to others apps. The primo app runs on IOS and android operating system and it works on both tablets and phones and it also set a free communication around the globe.

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