Bluestacks download for Windows PC latest version

Is this possible to download the Android app in the Windows PC ?

So my friends yes it was possible to download and use all android app in the windows PC.

It was possible through the app named as Bluestacks, Here in this post you can know about the full details of this app which will help you to download android apps in your device.It run 4 unblocked the apps which will not access it on windows platform.

The bluestacks was an app which works on the basic of emulator to run all the android apps in your other device. It was an best emulators for PC which help to access the app on playstore download for PC. With them you can run android apps on windows and make mobile computer by accessing the bluestacks. So here the question arise that is bluestacks safe or how to use bluestacks or how to install android on PC. In this post you can know all the brief knowledge too use of bluestacks. Also use your favorite app and playing android games on PC with the help of emulator de android. The android emulator online works on windows emulator for android not for others you need to download others software of bluestack in the device.

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What is Android Emulator

It was an software or hardware which enables one computer system to behave like android system. In others words we can say that it was an platform which help you to run and test any android application on your PC. It is an android virtual device which represent as a same specific android device. While using android emulator you should never need to touch your phone to run any specific apps on your computer.

What is BlueStacks

The Bluestacks was launched at 2009 by American technology company to use all android apps in their apps. It enabled the android application to run in PC like windows and apple device with the bluestacks app player. The bluestacks will virtualize the android operating system to run all the app in your device in which you want to download it. If you using or download the app the best part is that you should not pay any money for them, but if you want to use some advanced features then you there should take subscription of it.

Currently in survey will found that bluestacks will run more than 1.5 million android apps and it have an 210 million plus will download the apps in their device. So it was great thing that more people will utilize it by using then bluestacks apps. Bluestack will provide an platform for gamers who are pro to play games in PC by using all android games through playstore. The currently you can download the latest version of bluestacks is named as Bluestacks 4 (64-Bit Beta) in the PC which improve the performance by adding new software in it. So lets see below how to download the bluestacks in your windows PC or computer. 

How to download Bluestacks emulator  

run android apps on windows

Before starting the downloaded process in your PC you should make sure that you can follow all steps same otherwise some little bit thing create problem for you. While starting you should need some basic thing which will help to do all process in your device. 

1- Minimum you should have RAM of 2GB in your device and maximum no limit to do process. ( you can run bluestacks less than 2GB  RAM but there will you need to download oldest version of bluestacks in your device).

2- Need free space in your drive for storing bluestack app software in your PC. 

3- You will be administrator of your windows PC to installed it.

4- In Your PC have a graphic card to complete compatible driver with the Bluestacks driver when you installed it.

5- Need WiFi or mobile data to download the file of bluestacks and others apps which you want to use it on your PC.

Steps to download 

  • Open your browser in your Microsoft Laptop or PC and search the bluestacks official website or you can go to direct page from the link which was given below by clicking on it.                                            BlueStacks
  • After that click to download on your device by selecting various requirement or fit to your device. It takes some few minutes to download on your device.
  • After that click to installed it on your device, While installing it will ask your permission to click allow installed process in your device.
  • After that open the bluestacks app in your device and you will see the bluestacks dashboard you should fill some details which will be ask on it.
  • Finally entered the any gmail account or sign in and select the Apps which you want to use it. click to download and installed it, and you are done enjoy it. playstore download for PC


Now you can download your favorite games and apps in your device and enjoy it. If you ask why my favorite is bluestacks, because i play my favorite games  PUBG in my PC because the it gives me better satisfaction to play in it. I hope now you can also download the bluestacks in your windows device and and get access the all android apps. So follow all the step which i shared above to know how to use it on your device. If you like this post don’t forget to share with this post to others to know other people about this method. 



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