June 4, 2023

Are you want to do something new on your video or you want to make your friend video in funny way. So you are at right place here i will share a slow motion video maker app or slow motion video editor which will help you make your video beautiful. If you many people use tik tok, facebook or youtube by uploading their video. So for them how to speed up youtube videos or how to slow down youtube videos by video speed controller you can know. All the slow motion recorder or slow down video will do with the help of this app which i have shared below.

If you see most of the upcoming smartphone have a inbuilt features of slow motion camera without any installation any app. But if you see many others mobile doesn’t came with features for that reason you need to install the app or for speed down or speed up video app through editing. Mostly people doesn’t find right slow motion tool or how to slow down a video. While after researching lots of tool i find some few best tool which will help to you.

Best slow motion video maker app

All the selected slow motion video maker app which i share it here, You can access it at free of cost without paying any money. In this you can also edit various other thing by using tool given on the app. The only difference is on the app was that each have their unique feature means if compare to all app to each other app only the slow and fast video editing will be same but the effect or tool each have their unique no one be same. All the app which i have shared below all the app will available on the play store so that was good for you to download and installed it on your device easily.

1:- Slow Motion Video Maker

It was an free tool which will help you create a slow motion video, You can also do magic video, fast motion video and various other edit with the help of slow motion video maker app. You can directly record the raw video or use video which you already captured in your drive to edit your video final way. The best part is that you can directly share the video after editing to any social media site like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many others sites. After editing you can save it on your mobile in which you do your editing.

Features –

  • It support the various format file for edit the video like AVI, FLV, MP4, MKV and various other.
  • You can remove or cut the audio when you do reverse the video or add any video to that video according to your choice.
  • You can share it to your friends after edit the video in the slow motion or fast motion edit.
  • The slow motion video will slow down the speed of video which you have been selected.
  • The fast motion will increase the speed the video according to your choice with selected speed which you want.


It was an second slow motion video editor app which will help you to edit video capture from the app or in your gallery. In this you can basically control your video frame rate  or add the favorite music according to your choice. You can make video or edit video by this idea are fire, water balloon, Waves, Busy street, snow storm, heavy rains and many others to your video. But while capture that video be sure you are at stay safe to this activity. At using this app it cost will be totally free to use there should no money will you pay.

Features –

  • In this you can cut and trim the video according to your choice for making a slow motion video.
  • You can make slow motion, fast motion and reverse video to your video in which you want it.
  • In this you can make your video as a time lapse by using the video effect which was held on the edit menu of efectum.
  • You can add your multiple speed according to your choice on the video which you want.
  • You can turn on or off on your video while editing it and you can add others sound which will favorite for you.

3:- Slow Motion Video

If you see this was an third app which edit your video into slow and fast way to look your video funny or interesting. It was latest video edit tool which have a  million of user, who satisfied while using this app on their android device. In the slow motion video app you change the speed of the video like increase or decrease the speed. Basically shoot the video of daily of your friends and family. Then make it into the funny video and do prank with him while showing there video. It was an free to use in your android device and it process your video in final form at very less time.

Features –

  • In video you can slow your video as well as voice and also fast your video as well as voice to make video funny.
  • While editing the video through the app their should not effect to your original video which you kept in your storage.
  • It support formats like 3GP, MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, TS and many others to edit the video. And convert your video into the various quality like 360P HD, 480P HD, 720P HD, 1080P HD.
  • You can make your video interesting by using variety of function given on the app.
  • You can save in your device and share it to social networking sites.
  • It provide you an easy to use interface for the user for new user who doesn’t know about what to do or how to do with the help of the app.

Final Verdicts

So that’s all guys now you can know about the all app which will help you to edit your video and share it to other in the slow motion or fast motion. The best part is that while edit those and shared it social platform for generate some income for sharing it at social platform. So if you enjoy this post don’t forget to share this post to others and subscribe my website. Thank you.

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