Best Live Streaming Apps For Gaming

Today earning money on digital platform is now getting day by day easy because if you see there was various platform like dancing, singing, cooking, gaming and many more thing which you can do. The social platform gives you way to expressed your talent out and do something new in such of them the trending way is new media where you can create a network among people by expressing yourself into the video. So the media which use at that time was named as live streaming from where you can share live with the help of media. If you see gaming is now trending after coming PUBG  mostly people play that game at free time but in some of them are playing and doing live streaming at a same time to earn money with the help of live streaming apps for android

So here in this post i am sharing the best live streaming apps for android gaming which is help you earn money. If you search live streaming video apps or  best live streaming  apps 2019 for games you will get various result but here i have selected some best live streaming apps for android which help you to do live streaming games in your android device. Here you can also know how to live stream games on youtube with the simple process so keep reading this post.

Live Streaming Apps

#1-  YouTube Gaming

best live streaming apps for android gaming

It was an most popular live streaming gaming app where you can do live streaming by making your own youtube channel. It was an official app of YouTube where you do live broadcasting at single place to the entire world. While using  YouTube gaming app it was simple to accessible or easy to operate by simple in features. In this you can do live playing over 30,000 games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Clash of Clans and many more. You can also adjust your Streaming quality according to your net connection speed if it was giving good speed you can use 720p quality or if low you can use 480p to give best result of your viewer. While earning money from live streaming on YouTube gaming you should must have some subscriber otherwise you doesn’t generate money, So make more viewer on your channel and enjoy it. You can also download it through google or link which i have given below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           YouTube Gaming            

#2  Omlet Arcade   

live streaming games 

This was an second gaming live streaming platform where you can experience your gaming performance with your friends while playing a game. In this you do live streaming with a group or as a solo its depend on you, If you see the most popular games will supported to live streaming in Omlet Arcade apps the games are PUBG, Minecraft, Clash of clain, Fortnite and many more. This will give you better gaming experience while playing with your friends. If you see about her features you will get High resolution streaming games through Omlet Arcade app, You can get free or paid subscription to get some more new stuffs while doing live streaming and also animated profile frames for when you getting live on Omlet Arcade. You can also download this app from the link which i have provide below.            

                                                 Omlet Arcade

#3- CameraFi Live

live streaming video apps

This app allow user to do live streaming of games in their mobile  to youtube, Not also you can do other social media like Facebook  and Twitch. The CameraFi Live requires latest version of software to run the streaming basically it works on android 5.0 and up version. You can do camera shooting or smartphone screen by choosing between screen and camera for streaming. You can also add any text,audio, video or image on live streaming for making fun or entertain your audience and you getting more popular as compare to others while doing something different. In this you can get various different filter for adjust background details on live eye-catching. It may also have free and premium subscription its depend on you what you want. You can also download it from the link which i have given below.

                                                 CameraFi Live

#4- Mirrativ

how to live stream games on youtube

If you are a streamers and you want explore your game experience so mirrativ will be right app for your live streaming. You can stream your any game anywhere anytime  which you want and also see other streaming video without missing it. You can do live streaming by tapping 3 time on the screen while opening the app. In this you can share your audio experience while live streaming the games because it will have mike supportive system to run them. The Mirrative app was totally free of cost to use them for which everything is free and the best part of this app is it was totally secure means when you do live streaming any body calls you these app hide that ring which was appears on screen which create problem for you.  Download the app from the link which i have provide below.



How to do live Streaming

  1. Firstly you should open your browser and download the live streaming app according to your choice or you can download it from the link which i have provided above.
  2. After that you should open the app and allow all access to do live streaming.
  3.  After that you should search the option linking your channel to games which you want to do live. 
  4. And lastly go live while playing the games which you have been download it your mobile.

You should make sure that you can only get money when your youtube channel has been monetize with streaming restriction like you have more than 10000 subscribe or your account was not old as 90 days. otherwise you can do as it for fun. I hope you should like this article keep sharing and stay connected with me by subscribing my websites, Thank you.

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