Best App to Earn Money with Short Video

Today earning money will making trend because most of the people will want money for their life. In india like country where population is too much from where the job will left very few, That’s why people will shifting to web marketing. If you see there was various app where you should earn money like you can see in this PPD website to earn money. There was various others app where you can earn money easily, So here in article i am sharing how to start making music or short video app where you can earn money by uploading a short video like funny video, family video, funny music video, dog video for kids, interesting videos, tasty food videos, short funny video of baby and many others. 

The app which i am share here named as Tik Tok, Likee, Vigo and Musically online which will help you to make a short video and share online. The money will be generate when your all viral videos will be on top or most people will seen then you will earn money. In the app while video production you can know how to crop a video, how to compress a video or various edit will be done in the app. You can also know how to post videos on instagram Facebook whats app through the app and also how to upload a video to youtube. All the app which was an used to make a personal video to store it on there device with the help of video production jobs. You can also see What is the Best VPN to Use or Best Online DOCX to PDF Converter.


how to upload a video to youtube

It was an free mobile app which allow to there user to make a short video by using with the help of app. You can make awesome video with the help of capturing new or use old video in the TikTok and share it to entire world of your memorable moment. Here some features which you have to know that what can you do in the apps. You can download it from the link which was given below.

                                                      Tik Tok

  • In this you will get 100+ emoji sticker which will help you edit your video up to next level.
  • You will get editing tool which will allow you to do merge, cut, trim and duplicate the beauty effect.
  • You can watch million of you video and take a suggestion that which type of video you want to made it and make more audience to watch your video and make your video on trending
  • You can enhanced your talent by making a video on the tik tok. 
  • You can add sound or music to your video according to your choice, There was million of music clip will be available on the app.
  • You can share or see Dance, food, animals, vlog, DIY and endless category to discover, many more thing which you can do on the app.
  • You can use the app on android and ios device because it will available on the both version.


how to post videos on instagram

It was an second best app for making a video where you can edit the video with the help of thousand of stickers and music magic filter. In this you come do something new as compare to others, You will get your video trending with the simple tap and become the video star of social media. Day by day it will get popular at globally where you can various of content or original video creation. You can also download it from the link which was given below.


  • You can meet new friend quickly which are near by you in the city through the short video which you are they will shared on the likee app.
  • You can get smart features like hair color, superpowers, 4D magic and many others which you can use it on your video.
  • You can use cutting edge music filters on their video which you want to make and do special effect at full sync with music beats.
  • You can various make up filter which will help you make your face beautiful on the video. Like micro surgery features which help to exquisite makeup in the seconds.
  • You can see various related content in the likee app which will help you to customize your video more attractive as compare to others.
  • You can do all task at very fast production tool that’s help your video edit in the second without any bug problem.

Vigo Video

video production jobs

In this app you will get edit your video which will help you to make a short video and easily share it to social media or you share it friends and family at all over the world. There was million of user which will use the vigo app in the world and day by day it will increasing more and more. You can download the link which was given below and get some earn money by uploading and trending your video to the world.

                                                        Vigo Video

  • You can show your creativity in 15 second which will help you change your life in to the artistic and creative life by using fast and simple editing tools.
  • You can meet new people while sharing the short video on vigo, whoever will take interested in you and also you grow your fans by taking interesting in your video.
  • You can various filter like real-time beautify camera which will smooth magically of your skin, various skin tone, adjust your lips eyes or remove the blemishes and many other thing which you can do.
  • You can like or dislike the video and the content is insensitive you can report also to ban that video which  create disturbance for other user.
  • You can show off your creativity or talent within the 15 second to the public from all  over the world and get famous.
  • In Vigo app where you can share the multiple type of video like dancing, cooking, travelling, dressing, blogging and many others of video and also you can see million of video according to your choice which you want to take suggestion of your video.


So these the app which will help you generate money and get popular in the world by sharing your video to the audience. All the app which i share above have a same task which will do a make short video with the help of  editing. Only the difference on all the app is editing software otherwise all are same and do work same. I hope you loved the post.  


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