Top Apps To Control Any Device Remotely From Android Phone

Hi Friends, Today i am going to share you to how to remotely access android phone to any device remotely or control tv with android phone or control pc with android phone. For android users, i am going to share some apps which will help you to remote control one another device with another, you will provide a remote access of another devices. Their are most people at days use Android smartphones or tablets for their necessity for which many person to multitasking work on it, So here in this tutorial you will  managing your multitasking work on pc will done through android phone also.To using the remote control applications which can control an android devices from another android devices easily. Their was some app that can help you with remotely managing your android from web browser. Their are some others question like how to remotely access android phone from pc, what was the best remote app for android,how to control my phone from my computer, how to remote control android phone from pc without rooting, for all this answer you read this article complete which was given down below.

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Apps for Remotely Control by Android Phone

To access android remotely here some apps which will solve your problem of your because of easily accessing the control to your device from another devices.The apps which i have provide you will control your devices via Bluetooth, WiFi or from anywhere via internet come in handy for remote administration. So let’s checkout some apps which will help you to controlling a device remotely.

Team Viewer

remote desktop android

It is an proprietary computer software package for web conferencing, file transferring, remote control, desktop sharing, online meting between the device and computer. Team Viewer was founded in 2005 at goppingen, Germany. The company also host an online backup the cloud services called Airbackup. It have target devices to pre-installed to small quick support to allow remote control from a distance location, In another way we can say that the user interface will remotely control android and allow to other by password and user-id of the other android devices to complete access with the application. You can also download it through the given link below.

Team Viewer


  • Team Viewer is available for Windows RT, Windows RT, Windows macOS, Linux, Chrome, iOS, OS, Android, Microsoft Windows and  Blackberry operating system.
  • The main focus of this application is remote control of device to another devices and collaboration the presenting features are included in them.
  • Their should also possible to get access a machine running team viewer with a web browser.
  • It can be used without any payment by the non-commercial users.
  • Effortlessly access to the computer behind to proxy servers & firewalls.
  • It have a sensitive, quick response and control gestures to the users.


remote view android

It was an also good app for using as a control another device to other device, In Join me included a video and audio confrencing by using internet (Voip) at which you can see or hear any thing in real. So that’s why it is perfect for the team discussion or job holder to access and control others android devices and the operated host android devices from another place remotely. You can also download it from the given link below.                                                 


  • you can create your own personal link ( your name).
  • you can set your personal or branded background image at account for using it as remotely.
  • you can also zoom out and in of your shared screen.
  • you can do lock and unlock when you do meeting and do some extra security.
  • you can also see the other user who will attending you.
  • you can presenting during a meeting or just using join .me audio, there are never any limits or hidden charges.
  • by using VoIP we have talk to attendees. and see who’s attending.
  • It included full access to the desktop version too at any time.

VNC Viewer 

remote control android from pc

VNC viewer will turns your phone into a remote desktop, giving you a access to your Mac, Linux, Windows computer from anywhere in the world. To control its mouse and keyword as view your computer desktop remotely as though you sitting down in the front of it. If you connect directly to VNC connect with an enterprises subscription for compatibility software from the  third parties with entering the remote computer IP address. If we talk about the android VNC viewer is the one of the best remotely control android apps which will provide you unlimited access to many others android devices to the VNC server to control a device. You can also download it through a given link below.                                                                                                                                               VNC viewer


  • In this you can direct connect with easy via our cloud services to remote desktop.
  • you can create backup and sync of your connection between of your all devices by the signing in to VNC viewer on the each one.
  • The subcriptions Trail,Free and Paid to VNC Connect available.
  • For advancing such as keys for Command/Windows through a virtual keyboard by scrolling the bar above.
  • You can Remote Computer Running to make direct connections through VNC-compatible software from the third parties, for examples apple screen sharing (ARD).
  •  In this you can multiple support on using on the VNC viewer.
  • You can connect with by Wifi and 3G by using local network and internet.


control my phone from my computer

The app help you to controlling different assortment of another android gadgets to their own gadget, It was work as an prevalent remotely control android application to their user. According to the Remodroid it is use to safe and secure, The application will created by Ivayalo Dimitrov which comes under the tools category and it was currently installed over 1 million user at that time. Remodroid application provide you to get access of the host android and it can works with huge range of TV sticks android and different types phones and can also download the link given below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             RemoDroid


  • you can remote control to any android device and computer.
  • their was several users which can see the screen at the same time on the device for which the remodroid will create a multiple support in the apps.
  • In the app showing videos or pics to friends even without downloading the photo.
  • It support multiple user connected to the one device at the same time for introducing a presentation.
  • It support screen sharing while controlling the devices.

So their was some few apps which will help you to get remote control the devices by using android devices. The all the apps will provide powerful features with in the all apps, If you have any query regarding this article you can comment down in the box below. Thanks for visiting my site and keep stay connect with me for more update. If you want some more stuff you can subscribe my channel for some new post. Thanks for all of you for reading this article.

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