Advanced Download manager apk

advanced download manger apk

Advanced Download Manager pro apk is one of the most professional and advanced to download media files, adm pro apk is an computer program which dedicated to download task through internet from storage. It will also help to accelerating the download speed by downloading from multiple sources and whenever the task completed the file go to open download manger. The adm pro also have the option of  pause or resume the download and as well as speed speed restriction, Among the most amazing features on adm apk is to choose the different download folders depending on the file types for ex if you download music, video, pdf and the many more  it will automatically save to your own folder on the file manager, the video will be video folder, the music will be music folder, the pdf will be pdf folder that’s mean each task will download to their corresponding folder. you can also see how to run 2 whats app in a single smartphone download GB instagram latest version in your smartphone. The adm was the best download manger for android and the best download app for android. There was various other app like ummy video downloader 16, idm pro apk, download manager pro.  

Features of Advanced Downloader Manager

If you don’t know that the adm pro apk was the best download manger for android 2016, so how people will love this app to download it. If you have any issue about to download you can directly go to browser and search it  google download manager apk and you can easily access and it was best downloader for windows There was some features which will help you to why should they download it on your android devices.

Sturdy Downloader for Android

  • you can download three files simultaneously from internet.
  • you can download files any times from background which will resume after failure.
  • boost your network while it was 2G, 3G or 4G on the ADM.
  • Support the larger file  approx 2 gigabyte.
  • To increased speed of downloading it have a smart algorithm.
  • you can accelerate the download by using multi threading.
  • you can download through WiFi or mobile data.
  • In real time you can change the maximum speed.
  • mainly for video and music downloader.
  • you can also download the interrupted file in downloading.
  • you can also interception of links from clipboard and android browser.
  • you can also see through loader for images, archives, documents and programs.

Advanced Settings

  • you can save different files in different specific folder.
  • indication show after the downloading process should be done.
  • automatically stop down the process if the battery will critical low.
  • you can customize your interface and themes.
  • you can also select the specific folder to download the task from where you want to download.
  • turbo mode available to speed the download.
  • you can create backup list of your download in settings.
  • you can create import list of the links from a text file on SD card.
  • you can see automatic operation schedule will when complete.
  • auto resume after error and break of connection.
  • support auto add quick download.
  • profile for each type of connection.

Fresh Interface

  • Filter for all types of status.
  • quick menu for easy access or direct access.
  • every individual menu for easy management.
  • light material design.
  • automatic open file when completed and open with favorite apps.
  • fine tuning for each download.
  • information on downloading like speed, size, time.
  • widget on the home screen.


  • completion indication notification by vibration and sound.
  • progress status will show on the top of window.
  • progress speed of downloading process through notification panel.

URL links Add in ADM

  • You can copy link of your task from the browser and paste the link in ADM.
  • you can also long press on a link to display the context menu and press share form the window to selected ADM Editor.

In Built ADM Browser

  • It support multiples tabs.
  • easy share file to downloading files.
  • download all types of files by easy ways.
  • list of your downloaded history and a bookmark.
  • option of user agent  forgery the browser.
  • advanced upgraded media downloader.
  • interception of MP4  video from your downloading files.
  • It create accelerate on social networking site while downloading.

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App Info

App Name  ADM
Current Version 6.4.0
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Report Flag as inappropriate
Last Update November 3, 2017
Offered By  Dimon video
Installed  2 million
Rated 3+
Task  Downloading


What’s New

  • In this it Disable text form Windows at over all, and fixed with maximum width.
  • In the browser system list of browser will be appear.
  • In- Built speed graph at the left menu.
  • at the top there should send and open menu on the browser.
  • you can summaries your progress for whenever you running the download.
  • automatically color picker on presets colors and transparency.
  • Setting- notifications- command ( setting, browser,add ).
  • Setting- INTERFACE – size (GMK/gmk, b/B).
  • Setting- browser- browser icon in the launcher ( launcher will take some times to launch or react).
Process to download
  1. firstly you should open your play store and search the Advanced Download Manager.
  2. after you should download the advanced download manager by click on it, once download complete you should installed in your smartphone.                                                                                                                                                                 best downloader for windows
  3. after that you should open it and get ready to download the task which you want it.                                                                                              open download manager
  4. you can download the task by directly access on google browser on any browser while opening a task which you want to download it or second you can copy the link of that file you want to download and paste it in Advanced Download Manager and click ok to start the downloading process.                                                                                                                 best download manager for android 2016
  5. and finally you can enjoy it.

If you looking for app which download the task, So Advanced download manager should be perfect for you. If you might disappointed of about downloading task this app didn’t  feal that, It might be totally free to download. There should be some supper cool features available in them for android devices user. I hope you should like this article, this was an easy guide for installing the Advanced Download Manager. Thanks for visiting my site, If you want more stuff keep follow my site for more new post. Thank you friends.

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