Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

If you are Facing Problem of advertisement on your android devices or how to stop pop up ads on android, whenever you using other apps or browsing on internet. When  we talk about the users review, ads can be pretty annoying  that is the reason ad blockers are getting famous. In this we can block any type of advertisement while opening app or web browser page, we all know advertisement is the important for the survival of websites as well for which it contained development of apps and it was their primary source of revenue. If we talk about the ads that the real problem was starts when developers start when abusing them and you bombard by the adds when you are click something or viewing the content. So there was some ads blocking apps which will help you to block ads while using computer, mobile or tablets.

Best Ad Blocker App For Android

If you are installing ads blocker to your android devices there should needed rooted devices because the app will not available on the the play store, while installing or running the app ads blocker on the devices it will affect the functionality so double check it of any type of website. That’s why the unauthorized manner of the product while interfacing with the another devices when google has removed all for android ads blocker to the play store. So here some best ads blocker apps for android which will help to blocking the advertisement and create be ad-worry free.


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Adblock is the extension for the Firefox, opera, Google crome web browser for the content filtering and the ads blocking. Ad block extension is created for which support extension was added to google crome, The developer claims that he have been inspired by the adblock extension which itself based on original adblock. It was free to use and download and to the developers it included optional donations, If we talk about the app installation and configuration it was differ from device to device. The Adblock app is quit easy to use and it is easily customization web browser which control mobile browsing.


  • The app was developed by Betafish incorporation.
  • It was stable release opera, Firefox and google chrome.
  •  The app was written at in java script.
  • The main purpose to use it  browser extension.
  • The Adblock app was licenced by GPLv3.
  • It was available on 51 languages to their different country users.
  • It block the all annoying advertisement which was default, including web surfing ads, YouTube video ads, Facebook video ads and pop-up.
  • It allow the user to surfing web anonymously at without tracking device.
  • It was an open source project which was completely free to use and widely used by ads blocker.


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Adgaurd filters ads which you use it for HTML filtering, URL blocking, CSS hiding, The program will protect against phishing and malicious sites with addition to filtering ads. The utility for working under the various operating system like microsoft windows, Android and iOS which allow to you block all type of advertisement, pop- ups and banners to the other unwanted objects on the web pages. The app was mostly usefull for mobile games it stop the unwanted ads pop-ups on the screeen, It included a filters which was all the nastiness out to the web which gives trouble free web browsing experience.


  • The app was developed by adgaurd team.
  • It support multi language to the interface languages.
  • It was licenced by shareware software.
  • It operating system support Microsoft windows, IOS an Android.
  • It protect the users for leaking personal data, viruses and tracking from internet.
  • It save time and the money, while traffic is accelerating when web page is loading by blocking the advertisement.
  • Statistics, journal and monitoring the data.
  • It have an password protection to create more protection.
  • It eliminating the annoying information of an advertisement nature and providing maximum comfort when using the internet.
  • the inappropriate resources and sites for adults will verify that the web pages that children visit and block the unsafe sites.
  • It have a manual assistant for browser extension.

Ad Vanish

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It was an best ads blocker for rooted device or non-rooted device, The ad vanish will intelligently toggles the network connection in order to block ads. We all know that every ads use network connection and without network it will useless but the ad vanish will work while the network have or not and it will create more handy. Some times the ads banner may contain malware hidden which create harm to your android devices but the ads vanish will protect your devices. If you have monitoring the app with ad- vanish the app will automatically toggle the connection to its initial state.


  • It have an intelligent internet toggling technique for blocking ads.
  • It was an free software application which doesn’t charges any money for their uses.
  • It was from other subcategory, mostly for the business category.
  • The app was currently available on English language only.
  • The program should be installed only in android 1.6 and up.
  • It works with both rooted and non- rooted android devices.
  • It works good while blocking the ads of the application and web browsing.


So this was some few apps which will help you block ads  efficiently for your android devices, The all apps will help you for both rooted device and non- rooted devices at downloading or installing the apps. that means you should block web- based ads in most cases although the various apps with different features. While installing the above apps which installed should be little bit difficult task but once installed it solve all issue related of your unwanted ads. I hope you should like this article, If you have any query regarding this article you can comment it down on the comment box and you can share you thought to me regarding this article. stay connect with me so keep visiting my site for more new stuffs. Thank you friends for reading this article.


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